OneTech - Project Engineer (1234567) France

  • Support to all activities related to measurement expertise, wind resource analysis and wind deliverability calculation [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Define the measurement means and the wind resource and manage the on-site measurement campaigns (masts, LiDAR, floating LiDAR, etc.): drafting of technical specifications, reception of technical offers and validations, follow-up and reception of measurements [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Processing and analysis of wind data from on-site measurement campaigns [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Optimize the siting of wind turbines and the choice of turbines [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Carry out studies to evaluate the wind potential, estimate the deliverability and associated uncertainties of offshore wind farms in the bidding phase, project phase and operation phase [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Write technical reports, technical specifications, technical guides for internal or external use [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Review and validate independent wind studies (partners or external organizations), Vendor Due Diligence [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Assist in the implementation of internal methodologies for the definition of layouts, wind analyses and deliverability calculations (choice of software solutions, optimization of layouts, wake models, estimation of technical losses etc) [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Assist the Business teams in the selection and characterization of new offshore wind sites worldwide using internal or external ad-hoc tools [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Participate in R&D activities and development of internal tools [Onshore/Offshore];
  • Ensure internal training for knowledge transfer on wind resource analysis, resource measurement methods, methodologies applicable to calculate wind deliverability by ensuring the follow-up of Industy Best-Practices, definitions of associated losses/uncertainties [Onshore/Offshore];