Construction Design Manager LNG (JO015374) Moscow, Russia

Our client, major player in gas processing and oil refining industry, is urgently looking for a “Construction Design Manager”

Terms and Conditions
Location: Moscow with business trips to Krasnodar and construction sites
Status: Single, Resident
Duration of contract: 2 Years
Visa+ Mob+ Demob tickets: Provided
Medical Insurance: Provided
Accommodation: provided

Job requirements:
Qualifications and experience:
Experience as a design engineer in the oil and gas industry
Justified work experience on at least 1 LNG project
Work experience related to modular construction, explosion protection and protection against spills of cryogenic liquids
Practical knowledge of Russian and international norms and standards
Experience on the side of an EPC contractor
Required work experience - from 10 years

Personal qualities:
Fluency in English, Russian will be an advantage
Skill to work in team
Result oriented

Job description:
Preliminary calculation of the dimensions of metal structures, layout plan, Material & Logistics management and cost estimation
Interpretation of geotechnical reports and engineering surveys for inclusion in design
Design of foundations and pile foundations (including for LNG storage tanks)
Calculations for explosion resistance and analysis of structural collapse as a result of fire
Structural drawings for onshore and offshore structures (pipeline racks, buildings, modules, topsides)
Basic requirements for the design of buildings (substations, control rooms, etc.)
Guidance in the process of 3D model review and design analysis as applied to building structures
Weight control and optimization through increased cost efficiency
Preparation of technical specifications as part of the conclusion of contracts for the factory production of structures
Use of data (on loads) from the supplier in the design
Guidance in the process of manufacturing structures at a factory, construction site or shipyard.

Interested Candidate, Kindly Apply.