Chief Process Engineer/Technology Leader (1234567) Moscow, Russia


Key Responsibilities:

  • Optimization of plant performance related to production rate, product wheel / transitions, OPEX / utilities optimization, troubleshooting / taskforce leader.
  • Ensuring successful scale up of new catalyst & product introductions.
  • Management of change through industrial trials.
  • Small improvement / optimization projects.
  • Debottlenecking, verification of new project designs.
  • Draft technology strategy and innovation portfolio.
  • General monitoring of PE Gas/Slurry phase unit operation, deep collaboration with plant manager and chief process engineer in order to improve the efficiency of units and troubleshooting.
  • Management in planning and organization of new products and catalysts trials, their implementation.
  • Troubleshooting - identification possible technical problems and analyze their reason in collaboration with licensor, equipment suppliers, industrial partners and independent experts.
  • Information consolidation on identified technical problems and organization their discussion in order to form possible solutions.
  • Generation hypothesis for increasing efficiency, testing them in collaboration with production and technology team.
  • Support in the commissioning of the project results at the industrial site.
  • Systematic collaboration with PE gas phase experts in order to study advanced world experience in the modernization of existing and implementation new technologies, development and usage of new types of catalysts, additives and other special chemistry for the PE Gas/Slurry phase units.


  • Education: Chemical engineering, PhD degree will be competitive advantage.
  • At least 20-30 years’ experience in technology licensing, process design, modeling or development in state of the art gas/Slurry phase PE processes (Innovene G, Univation, Spherilene)/(Innovene S, CP Chem, ADL, Hostalen)
  • Established track record of commercial plant design (PDP, FEED) up to implementation (ABC), delivery and commissioning including debottlenecking and optimization projects.
  • Strong industrialization experience through various commercialization, industrial trials of new catalyst & products.
  • Strong network with leading EPC’s and equipment manufacturers.
  • Clear innovation minded as evidenced by patents, publication and/or conference papers.
  • Operational experience as senior process or technology engineer or plant manager will be a plus.
  • Managerial experience through leading R&D, process or delivery teams.
  • Languages: English (fluent), Russian (optional).
  • Additional skills: Microsoft Office package, Microsoft project, optional cloud environments for project management (Jira, Confluence, Trello, Wrike, etc), understanding of 6-Sigma, Aspen, SAP. Modeling, DoE.

Technical Competence Profile  

  • In-depth technological understanding of major PE gas phase processes and their relative differences, including all relevant unit operations i.e. purification, polymerization, recycling, conveying, extrusion, storage (ISBL/OSBL). CAPEX estimation, process economics.
  • Project, budget & resource management.
  • Risk management, HAZOP. Root cause, FMEA analysis. Statistical tools, 6 sigma, DoE, SPC. Modeling: kinetic, particle, HMB. Good catalysis and product knowledge are a plus.

Behavioral competencies           

  • Wide networking internally and outside the company with experts, academic community and industrial partners, related to PE Gas/Slurry phase technology.
  • Coordination different parts of big company in order to increase efficiency and stability of the plant.
  • Team player, experience of work with multicultural and -disciplinary teams.
  • Relocation to Russia readiness is a big advantage.