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Senior Radiation Protection Technician

Senior Radiation Protection Technician (11102023) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We are urgently hiring Senior Radiation Protection Technician for outage.

Kindly find below some details.

Job Location: BNPP, Abu Dhabi
Duration: 2 Months (Approximately)
Start Date: February 2024

Please find below the Job description.

· Provide job coverage for radiological concerns during routine and special radiological work activities including continuous job coverage and remote monitoring activities when assigned. Special activities include high radiological risk activities, such as radiography, primary steam generator and pressuriser maintenance, in-core movement, containment entries, reactor vessel head maintenance, valves, and pump maintenance.
·  Conduct radiological survey assessments to identify hazards and to be acquainted with all established practices and procedures for radiation hazards control.
·  Monitor and perform Access Controls for various types of radiological conditions, such as for high, locked, and very high radiation areas, contaminated and highly contaminated areas, discrete radioactive particle areas and airborne contamination areas.
· Perform accurate plant radiological decontamination surveillances, interpret results, taking appropriate action to prevent the further spread of radiological surface contamination to safeguard personnel.
·  Select and issue correct Personnel Protective Clothing (PPC) and respiratory equipment for radiation, contamination, and airborne conditions.
·  Accurately document and maintain survey records as per procedure.
·  Establish and utilize necessary engineering controls when required by ALARA Plans and Radiation Work Permits.
·  Calculate and enforce radiological stay times, enforcing radiological dose limits during all work activities inside a radiation-controlled zone area.
· Secure plant areas to contain the spread of radiological surface and airborne contamination, safeguarding site personnel from body contamination incidents and the possible harmful effects of inhaling radioactive particles and gases.
· Designate and operate temporary Radiation Controlled Area (RCA) in accordance with standards and procedures.
·  Implement applicable operating experiences associated with the work activities.
·  Prepare, analyze, survey and package radioactive material for shipment, when required.
·  Prevent “uncontrolled release” of radioactive material from the RCA.
·  Implement controls, dose assessments, and install shielding as per ALARA Plans.
·  Perform on job radiation protection observation and surveillance of all activities in the radiation-controlled areas.
·  Comply to the “Work Stop Criteria” and immediately report to supervisor any unusual conditions that is different then what was briefed, or as identified in procedure, RWP, or ALARA Plan, or if poor radiation worker behaviors are observed. 

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