This position is no longer open for applications

Radiation Protection Technician

Radiation Protection Technician (05012022) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This position is a trained, qualified, experienced Radiation Protection Technician who provide radiological protection to protect the health and safety of the general public and employees from the hazards of radiation through surveys, analyses, sampling and compliance with regulations, standards and procedures.

• Is qualified to perform all junior technician duties and responsibilities

• Supervises activities of the junior technician

• Provide job coverage for radiological concerns during routine and special radiological work activities including continuous job coverage and remote monitoring activities when assigned. Special activities include medium and high radiological risk activities, such as radiography, diving operations, primary steam generator maintenance, in-core movement.

• Perform routine and job specific radiation surveys (including personnel exposure, breach of systems, area, and equipment contamination, air samples) to assess radiological conditions.

• Prepare, analyze, survey, package, and ship radioactive material, if assigned.

• Designate and operate temporary RCA as needed

• Monitor and perform Access Controls for various types of radiological conditions, such as for high, locked, and very high radiation areas, contaminated and high contaminated area, discrete radioactive particle areas, alpha and airborne contamination areas

• Prepare and conduct pre-job briefings per site procedures

• Establish and utilize necessary engineering controls when required by ALARA Plans and or Radiation Work Permits.

• Prevent the release of radioactive material from the RCA

• Implement applicable operating experiences associated with the work activities

• Document complete, legible, and accurate records Utilize appropriate human performance tools when performing work activities

• Monitor and enforce all radiological safety standards as written in RP procedures

• Conduct "face to face" turnover to ensure the Receiver understands the current and expected radiological conditions Wear respiratory protection devices when required by the RWP

• Stop Work and report to supervisor any work that is different then what was briefed, or as identified in procedure, RWP, or ALARA Plan, or if poor radworker behaviors are observed

• Perform survey and decontamination of personnel. Perform unconditional radiological release surveys.