Decontamination Technician (16112022) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description – Decontamination Technician
Our Client specializes in the Nuclear Sector.
• This position is a trained, qualified, experienced decon technician who provides decontamination
services to protect the health and safety of the public and employees from the hazards of
radiation through controlling contamination at the source and provide timely response in recovery of contaminated areas.
• Decon Technicians can work independently and provide decon services as directed by RP technicians.
• Decontamination services can be routine such as pulling contaminated radwaste and protective clothing from contaminated areas, housekeeping in the RCA to maintain areas non-contaminated, or can be specialized critical activities such as cavity decon and maintaining water clarity in pools and canals through operation of tri-nuclear pump/filter operations. Services also are responsible for removal of any contaminated boron which could require use of a low-pressure hot water washer provided by the customer.
• Decon personnel will be responsible for keeping services at the containment entry/exit point to ensure the areas inside and adjacent to the contaminated areas are maintained clean.
• Decon services will be dedicated for work activities such as, steam generator, reactor coolant pump, reactor head disassembly/assembly when these work activities are scheduled.
• Decon personnel maybe asked to perform a post decon contamination survey for information only to determine if radiation protection can perform official survey for release of the area.
• Provide decon services that are qualified to wear respiratory protection and can wear additional protective clothing when required by the radiation work permit. Perform decontamination tasks, as and when required to support plant operation the refueling outage. Decon personnel will be responsible for transport of radioactive waste from the work sites to the appropriate radwaste storage areas.
Required Decon services in various areas can be described as below:
• Decontamination Support Services in RCB Building
• Support initial Reactor Containment Building (RCB) decontamination and general
• housekeeping such as wet mopping, cleaning of rooms, including horizontal and vertical
• surfaces.
• Set-up and maintain Decon supply cabinets in various areas inside Reactor Containment
• Building (RCB).
• Steam Generator platform decontamination during various plant activities i.e. ECT, FOSAR, &
• Sludge lancing inspections. (When required)
• Steam cleaning / PZR washing of effected areas with Boric Acid Build-up. Decon services for other highly contaminated work activities such as but not limited to RCP
• seal change, valve/pump breaches, in-core (seal table) maintenance.
• Decontamination Support Services in Pools and Canals (Reactor Spent Fuel)
• Setups decon equipment and materials to perform Reactor Cavity area decontamination.
• Setup and operate underwater vacuuming equipment (i.e., Tri Nuclear system) for pool/canal
• clarity and fuel transfer pathways as directed by radiation protection.
• Changing of Tri Nuclear system filters as directed by radiation protection and storage after
• completion.
• Support diving operations in radioactive pools and canals.
• Decon activities for any material, equipment and tools removed from contaminated pools and
• canals (i.e., cameras, long handled tools, underwater cameras, and vendor equipment).
• 3) Decontamination Support Services in RCA Area
• Assist Radiation Protection during set-up of Control Points, and Contaminated area “Step-Off”
• pad areas.
• Assist set-up of engineering controls (i.e., HEPA, Vacuum cleaner, hoses) as directed by
• radiation protection.