Pipelines and Piping Expert (JO014246) China

Our client, world's largest Oil & Gas company, is urgently looking for a “Pipelines and Piping Expert” willing to work under the following conditions for an upcoming project:

Terms and Conditions

  • Rotation 8/2, 6 working days per week
  • Contract duration - TBC
  • Accommodation arranged in China
  • Transportation while in China
  • Premium international insurance provided

With Minimum Requirement

  • Higher vocational (Engineering) Education
  • Valid National Agency of Welding Control (NAKS) certificate (Level 3 or higher) or International Welding Engineer (IWE) Diploma.
  • Valid visual and dimensional testing certificate (Level 2 or higher);
  • Valid NDT certificates and knowledge assessment test certificates (radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection): Level 2 or higher (preferably);
  • At least three (3) years of experience in Quality Control as a member of multidisciplinary inspector team, including work with Quality Control plans, Inspection and Test Plans, Test Procedures and in non-conformance and deviation management;
  • At least five (5) years of experience in construction and fabrication of pipelines and piping;
  • Production and construction experience on onshore/offshore oil and gas projects as a member of an international contractors and suppliers team, preferably in modular prefabricated buildings construction.   
  • At least 10 years of experience on construction sites and similar sites on oil and gas projects;

Roles And Responsibility

  • Supervision over Contractor’s/Subcontractor’s work at modules fabrication site during fabrication, assembly and Quality Control of pipelines and piping;
  • Assurance of modules manufacturing by the Contractor in compliance with approved Quality Control plans, design documentation, SNiP and Russian Legislation;
  • Expert and methodology support within the competence during Quality Control activities by Contractors/Subcontractors to assure compliance with quality requirements to fabrication of modules;
  • Monitoring of completeness, up-to-dateness and quality of permissive documents of Contractors/Subcontractors.
  • Control of the following:
    • Receipt of materials for manufacturing of pipelines and piping;
    • Fabrication of pipelines and piping in compliance with project documentation, construction rules and regulations and other norms and standards;
    • Compliance with approved sequence of process operations;
    • Timely preparation of as-built documentation;
  • Participation in: 
    • Incoming control of materials arriving at construction site;
    • Inspections and tests as per approved QC plans for fabrication
    • Final acceptance of completed work
    • Verification and acceptance of as-built documentation within the competence
  • Quality Control of the work performed by the Fabrication Contractor:
  • Provision of Quality Control reports, reports on discrepancies found in facility fabrication quality and make proposals on their elimination and prevention;
  • Issuance of instructions to Contractor and control over corrective actions if necessary;
  • Timely informing the line manager about found discrepancies within the competence;
  • Preparation of weekly and daily reports on the Contractor’s performance; maintenance of statistics on inspections and quality, verification of actual quality reports;
  • Informing on the circumstances which prevent proper performance of job duties;
  • Participation in meetings of Quality Control Group and contractors on issues relevant to pipelines and piping;
  • Keeping secret and not disclosing confidential information accessed while working for the Company; strict observance of rules of work with confidential information; protection of information within one’s authority.
  • Observance of Internal Regulations, occupational health, fire safety, industrial safety, environmental safety, sanitation and hygiene norms and rules, work hierarchy, business and professional ethics norms and rules;
  • Fulfillment of orders, written and verbal instructions, job tasks and commissions in the chain of command provided that these are in line with the terms and conditions of the employment agreement and the present Job Description;

Interested candidates, please apply.