Inventory Control MM Engineer (JO017144) Doha, Qatar

Salary: USD100 - USD101 per day

Our client, world's largest LNG company, is urgently looking for a Inventory Control MM Engineer willing to work under the following conditions for an upcoming project:

Terms and Conditions

  • Work Location: Doha
  • Contract Duration 12 - 18 Months
  • Status: Single

Qualifications & Experience Required:

  • C&P competencies
    • Intermediate level in Materials Management Technical Competencies required.
    • C&P tools certification required.
  • Qualification and background
    • Diploma: Bachelor of Engineering.
    • International Experience Requirement.
    • Professional experience: > 4 years’ experience in material administration within the Oil and gas industry preferred.
  • Main Personal Abilities:
    • Problem Solving and planning/organizing/coordinating /controlling.
    • Knowledge and understanding of inventory and material management processes.
    • Knowledge and understanding of material specification, certification and verification processes.
    • Knowledge of Drilling and/or Maintenance materials and processes preferred.
    • Knowledge and understanding of Materials Management (MM) , Plant Maintenance (PM) and reporting (BW) modules of SAP R/3 ERP system.

Roles And Responsibility

The Job holder participates to Materials Management operations by performing the following activities:

  • Report, Analyse and communicate on inventory figures (stocks, consumption, orders, receipts). Gather data to accuracy level relevant to the intended use. Share findings with stakeholder (finance, operations, projects and C&P).
  • Validate existing available stocks reported in SAP with various classifications of stock types. Identify anomalies and recommend stocks adjustment as per findings.
  • Participate in annual stock take to ensure match of physical Inventories with system reported.
  • Carry out Modelling of material consumption into patterns by gathering utmost accurate data of posted, ongoing and forecasted consumption quantities. Modelling purpose is:
    • Identify discrepancies in materials requirements to undergo further validation via requesting entity.
    • Rationalize material replenishment strategy and calculate replenishment levels that create a balance of material availability, avoid overstocking with consideration of administrative ordering and storage costs.
  • Comprehend material technical description to identify material characteristics in terms of: being perishable, hazardous, volume, weight, interchangeable, repairable and common packaging sizes. Question and gather such necessary data before proceeding for replenishment.
  • Monitor and Report entities reductions of materials requirements. Respond by an equivalent reduction of supply whenever there is excessive stocking. Expedite entities to delete requirements which proven not valid.
  • Monitor and Report re-integrations of materials. Respond by an equivalent reduction of supply whenever there is excessive stocking. Expedite entities to decide on pending re-integrations.
  • Manage Material Requirements Planning (MRP) run efficiently. Steer the stock duet meeting and recommend action for TADM to take. Recommendations include change of replenishment strategy, thresholds, consider repair of available stocks, phase out of duplicate materials. All recommendations to be supported by furnished data.
  • Follow up with procurement team to expedite high priority replenishment requirements.
  • Carry out audits internal and external audits with supervision of company stored materials, Third Party materials holders and Repair vendors
  • Consolidate projects/shutdowns/campaigns materials requirements for early preparation to avail materials in timely manner
  • Anticipate and forecast entities regular operations materials requirements by statistical methods.

Interested Candidate, kindly apply.