Painting and Insulation Expert (JO014245) China

Our client, world's largest Oil & Gas company, is urgently looking for a Painting and Insulation Expert willing to work under the following conditions for an upcoming project:

Terms and Conditions

  • Rotation 8/2, 6 working days per week
  • Contract duration - TBC
  • Accommodation arranged in China
  • Transportation while in China
  • Premium international insurance provided

With Minimum Requirement

  • Skills in technical documentation preparation;
  • Ability to work with large volumes of information and documents;
  • Technical literacy, knowledge of terms and definitions used in facility construction;
  • Certain knowledge of technologies and control types in constriction;
  • Skills in performance of QC during ND testing and reporting on inspection results;
  • Skills in work with contractors and suppliers, including during fabrication of equipment for oil and gas projects;
  • Skilled software user (MS Windows, MS Office), office equipment and communication means.
  • Self-disciplined and motivated to achieve positive results in production, initiative, oriented to find solutions, team player;
  • Ready and able to maximally contribute to the Company’s benefit.
  • Flexible mind, adaptivity, mental stamina;
  • The English Language knowledge
  • Sequence, forms and methods of control of manufacturing in the course of the Project execution;
  • Order of work with design documents for facilities under construction;
  • Requirements of construction regulations, rules and other normative documents related to construction and installation.
  • Reading of drawings.
  • Required parameters of painting and insulation materials;
  • Organization and technology of repair work on paint and insulation;
  • List of operations and characteristics controlled with the participation of a laboratory;
  • Requirements to drawing-up, rules and order of as-built documents keeping;

Roles And Responsibility

  • Supervision over Contractor’s/Subcontractor’s work at modules fabrication site in the course of painting (corrosion protection), insulation and fireproofing, and their quality control.
  • Assurance of modules fabrication by the Contractor as related to painting (corrosion protection), insulation and fireproofing in compliance with approved QC plans, design documentation, SNiP and Russian Legislation.
  • Expert and methodology support within the competence in the course of quality control activities by Contractors/Subcontractors to assure compliance with quality requirements to fabrication of modules in the course of LNG Plant construction.
  • Monitoring of completeness, actuality and quality of permissive documents of Contractors/Subcontractors.
  • Verification of compliance of materials proposed by Contractors with Project Specifications.
  • Quality control of supplied materials and painting equipment (corrosion protection), insulation and fireproofing.
  • Control of compliance with instructions on storage of materials for painting (corrosion protection) insulation and fireproofing.
  • Review of contractors' Work Performance Plan for compliance of work process to Project regulating documents.
  • Verification of contractors’ QC and test plans compliance with Project requirements to painting (corrosion protection), insulation and equipment fireproofing.
  • Participation in certification of painting and insulation procedures, certification of paints, varnishes and insulation materials, supervision of painting and insulation works.
  • Quality control of painting (corrosion protection), insulation and Facility equipment, pipelines and steel structures fireproofing.
  • Control of process operations sequence.
  • Participation in inspections and tests as per approved QC plans for fabrication.
  • Advisory to managers and contractors about quality of paints and insulating materials and work process.
  • Recommendations on use of improved work methods and execution of final inspections to verify compliance of final result.
  • Provision of data for weekly/monthly reports to track KPI progress.

Interested candidates, please apply.