Fabrication Superintendant Process equipment / Mechanical Test (JO014235) Tianjin, China

  • Management of all aspects of process equipment in compliance with relevant Company requirements and applicable law. 
  • Verification of availability at a Fabrication Contractor of a reliable plan and resources to accomplish works on prefabrication of components, on-site fabrication, testing, preservation, shipment and handover of modules.  
  • Work with field design and fabrication teams to verify and approve all Contractor’s work results. Enforcement of compliance with specifications, standards and schedules.  
  • Identification and highlighting of all possible risks, opportunities or threats that may positively or negatively impact quality or project tasks. Assistance in development and implementation of action plans for unexpected circumstances to the extent necessary to maintain required work rate. 
  • Development and update of weekly/monthly reports on operation performance to control Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and critical data analysis.  
  • Assistance in review and timely authorization of technical deviation requests. 
  • Supervision and reporting within the discipline framework. 
  • Supervision of contractor’s work within a relevant discipline.  
  • Safe and efficient supervision over all aspects of on-site fabrication activities.  
  • Introduction of lessons learned