Train Operator (JO014581) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Perform duties as Train Attendant/Train Driver for T&C Activities on line Extension of Dubai Metro Network.
  • Operate/Drive/Shunt/Stable the test train safely according to test plan.
  • Assist in Coupling/Uncoupling/Resetting Alarms of test train during T&C activities.
  • Strictly observe the HS&E, TO test procedures and test instruction during test execution.
  • Adhere to Instructions of duty TOCC Traffic Controller/Supervisor.
  • Liaise closely with the TOCC supervisor, TC controllers and T&C PIC/Engineer advice/instructions.
  • Request/Obtain Protections and additional instructions e.g. Sector Limit Boards, Red Flashing Lights, SPKS, Standing Train Protection, where applicable.
  • Ensuring Safety rules from all the test attendees on board during T&C activities.
  • Record the test condition on board: testing hours, Shunting, Faults/Alarms in a test Train and log book update.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the TOCC Supervisor, or his Delegate person.