Train controller (JO014634) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Support the TOCC Supervisor for review and validate the Temporary Operation rules/procedures related to TOCC and line control management.
  • Manage traffic of all type of vehicle (new trains, legacy trains, others
  • rail vehicles) in zone controlled by temporary operation organization from TOCC.
  • Control remotely from TOCC all Alarms, Signal Lights, Points switch turnout position and
  • Route Setting for the track vehicle and train movement under test or construction track vehicles. 
  • Only on the extension prepare the line possession and sweep operation for the assigned test area.
  • Participate and leading the daily Test Briefing and Tool Talk Box prior any test session.
  • Ensure safe activities as per the Work Permit approval process.
  • Handle any Incident, Accident and Recovery measures within the assigned test area under control of Temporary Operation Organization,
  • Take Charge of overall Radio Communications and TOCC Traffic Controller Records/Reports and Memos
  • Perform the daily duties assigned by the Temporary Operation TOCC Supervisor.
  • Maintain and develop his own level of expertise and team members
  • Ensure HS&E rules are duly implemented for drivers and traffic controller to ensure a 24/7
  • availability of the Temporary OCC.
  • Coordinate with the legacy OCC operator for any train transfer and train movement from Line Extension which can interfere with existing operational line Dubai Metro.
  • With the support of the TOCC supervisor, elaborate a daily report related to train movements (anomalies, incident, test performance and test KPI progress) on the area under temporary operation management.