Batch1 Topside In-Country Yard CSR (JO014634) Doha, Qatar

  • Complete the work with due regard to safety of personnel and COMPANY assets while still meeting project key dates,
  • Ensure technical coordination with Package Lead and other discipline leads during construction phase until load-out,
  • In charge to provide to the Topsides Package Lead a clear vision of the Project current status and its perspectives,
  • Manage and target project resources towards the safe execution of In-Country construction yard activities,
  • Manage all internal and external construction interfaces and associated contracts key dates to meet project milestones,
  • Informs and ensures that relevant decisions/directions taken at Management level, has correctly been understood by the team and enforced on the yard,
  • Manage and control (technical and schedule) construction activities during the Project execution in line with the Company Referential, International standards and good practices.
  • To implement the Major Project Quality Management System at Project level,
  • To ensure the performance of the Contractor, Subcontractors and Vendors is achieving the Project Quality requirements,
  • To coordinate all Quality Control activities,
  • To implement the COMPANY Technical Referential and applicable local and international codes.
  • To insure that Quality requirements are well established and implemented by the Contractor during fabrication

To assist other technical disciplines in the implementation of Quality Requirements