Imventory Controller-HVAC (2022EXC05SP031) United Arab Emirates


Job Responsibilities: -

Control & Monitor Inventory levels for all business units, warehouses at all locations.

Develop & Maintain Inventory Management Systems, Monitor stock levels and the logistics of orders and transfers.

Responsible for the monitoring & control of Purchases, Material Forecasts, Safety stocks &
Warehousing Costs and developing, implementing & maintaining policies & procedures which governs all the business operations related to Inventory Management.

Suggest methods and plans for reducing the Inventory Carrying cost.

Perform regular inventory Audits and analyses, perform periodic stock checks, regularly
monitoring Inventory Variances and reporting any issues to the Management.

Ensure that a continuous Stock Count process is in place and it is done as per the agreed
processes and accepted industrial standards.

Responsible for the monthly reconciliation of Inventory with Financial records


The Person


Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar role in manufacturing company.

Ability to communicate effectively with different levels.

Perfect computer literate.

 Self-motivated and task oriented.

Good Presentation skills

Good analytical and logistical thinking abilities.

Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Exceptional collaboration and negotiation abilities.

Excellent time management and organizational skills

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, preferably with and an MBA.

Desirable to have Certifications in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)