Assitant Teacher- Nursery (2020EXC11SP070) United Arab Emirates


Job Responsibilities

  • Create classroom environments that are safe and conducive for young students
  • Assist lead teachers
  • Create and distribute instructional aides and materials
  • Assist teachers in developing and implementing learning activities and supervise group activities
  • Monitor children to ensure that they are responding appropriately and report any student discomfort or distress to the lead teacher
  • Clear away materials and aides after each class and ensure the overall cleanliness of the classroom
  • Assist in handling their personal needs including toileting and washing and help them in eating lunch or snacks
  • Create and maintain records of each child a confidential manner
  • Observe children to detect signs of illness, injury or emotional abuse and alert lead teacher immediately


  • Minimum 2 yrs of Nursery teaching experience
  • Must have a Bachelors in Education or equivalent Diploma
  • Must be fluent in English and Tagalog
  • Must have good communication skills