Overall Commissioning Engineer ( Nuclear Experience) (14042020) Finland

During the overall phases Phase from end of B3, to the end of the project, when issues/malfunctions occurred (on actuators , sensors, components…) the first attempt to solve the issues for OCE (in coordination with SSV and TOS) is to Contact the Commissioning Investigation Team (available during normal hours or on call during night and weekend.

During the night or during the week end the SREs are not often on call and available, so the lead of this first investigation is given to this team with a broader knowledge.

In order to be efficient the first investigation during Overall operation (from the end of phase B3-last line up before FLG to PTO) , the first investigation with the Investigation team will have the following knowledge :

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • I&C
  • Components (valves; motors, sensors…)
  • Process
  • Risks

This team will be composed of:

Mechanical Actuators / components oriented persons and/or Sensors electrical oriented persons. After an issue is declared in MCR, OCE (after discussion and agreement with SSV and TOS) will contact the Commissioning investigation team in order to perform the first investigation on the field.

When called by the OCE the Commissioning Investigation team will come in MCR for a pre job briefing with OCE, SSV and TOS in order to agree on the detail of the intervention. After that the Commissioning investigation specialist will always be in communication with MCR (SSV if the intervention is required on equipment).

This team will act on site for the Overall Commissioning Engineer (OCE) on shift; under his test permit and in close communication with MCR for equipment maneuverability. This first investigation team will give reliable diagnostic to OCE and SSV/TOS in order to draw a repair plan and organize further corrective or preventive actions with I&C team, IMO and SREs through FN.


Analyses together with the concerned Commissioning Branches or the Overall commissioning engineer on shift and Operation Integrated Organization of trouble shooting activity arising during overall test phase period for defining actions to be taken


Performance of above described scope of work requires following expertise:

  • Engineering degree required in one of the following disciplines: Nuclear, Mechanical, Process, or Electrical
  • Nuclear experience: minimum 5 years PWR (or other NPP) experience is required (New Builds or Installed Base). Experience in PWR operation is a plus. He should be knowledgeable of PWR systems, basic nuclear and reactor physics, thermo hydraulics, and PWR chemistry. Experience on the turbine island will also be appreciated.
  • Experience in Test and Commissioning: participation to testing, commissioning, or recommissioning after major refuelling outages on a nuclear power reactor (PWR appreciated) at an operational position is required. Previous experience during cold or hot functional testing on a new build is a plus,


Fluent English required.