System Completion and Handover Leader (Nuclear) (03022021) Finland

Main tasks of system leaders

Daily business

1. Coordinate the completion of required tasks in due time to ensure (sub)-system completion and handover to the Commissioning start-up sequence needs or to the temporary Operation organization needs.

2. Support identification and tracking of all actions to be completed (Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Commissioning) before transferring the System.

3. Supervise the transfer process between Construction and Commissioning, according Commissioning Procedure.

4. Supervise the transfer process between the Commissioning Organization and the Operations (IOI) organization according Commissioning Procedure.

Based on the different existing databases, excel follow up per discipline and List of Open Points (LOP), System Preparation is in charge to consolidate related information and to define the progress of each system for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

The system handover leader verifies that above mentioned tasks are well addressed in the project time schedule. In case of deviation to the expected progress, the System handover Leader is entitled to determine action plans, priorities and project instructions for construction, procurement and / or engineering in order to recover a steady situation

Periodic review

In order to track the progress of her/his system the system handover leader is accountable to organize periodic reviews based on:

1. Remaining activities to be done to complete the transfer

2. List of open points review and closure action

3. Schedule (installation completion / closure of open points / commissioning activities…) Engineering / Procurement / Construction and Commissioning representatives should participate to these reviews. During these reviews, completion actions are defined and then tracked by the corresponding system handover leader in a recorded dashboard.

Transfer preparation

The system handover leader is in charge to:

1. Prepare all the documentation part of the transfer

2. Prepare and define the acceptable List of Open Points/Reserves for the inspection

3. Organize inspections


Open Points management

The system handover leader is in charge of the overall Open Points management. It means mainly:

1. Database management with the support of System Preparation Methods & Tools

2. Coordinate transforming open points into planned production and closure tracking (scheduling)

3. Transverse analysis and workshops animation for specific technical topics

4. Requires close interaction and interface with customer management/inspection team and with our project teams located on site in Finland, HBO in France and in Germany.


Risks management

The system handover leader, through her/his participation to the risks management periodic reviews, will be in charge to highlight potential new risks to be indicated in the Risk Register and to update the existing ones with status of implemented measures.

Interface with the Owner

The system leader will cooperate with the Owner on the following items:

• Commissioning / Operations (IOI) organization, Readiness Review

• LCI/KOT inspection preparation and execution

• Cooperation regarding files completion and readiness

• Open Points management

• Specific technical points treatment

General and technical background expected

• Engineer degree.

• Experience in operating power plant support (Engineering/Design or Construction, or Commissioning or Maintenance). • Experience including Project Management, Contract Management, or Strategic Planning, minimum 4 years.


Skills required

Large projects management.

• Lead complex negotiation to reach agreement, monitors, re-negotiates, make decisions, mitigate risks and manage disputes associated with contracts and stakeholders.

• Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) technology knowledge.

• Very good organizational and communication skills.

• Strong skills in the use of: Microsoft Office suite , Experience with data analysis, Access and/or Excel knowledge on (at least) intermediate level.

• Document writing capacity.

• Versatile, Adaptable, Rigorous, Good interpersonal skills, Client & results oriented, attention to detail.

• Ability to coordinate interfaces across organization, company, cultural boundaries.