Engineering Technician (BBBH58492) Fremont, California

Salary: USD26 - USD29.9 per hour

We are looking for engineering technicians!! There are 3 different pay rates for the 3 different shifts! please see shifts below!!

Job Description:

Position is seeking a person capable of running an Intevac 200L sputter machine in a proficient manner to fulfill the requests for the Media Development Engineering organization.

Tasks and duties will include:

Processing experiments precisely as documented or requested by the Engineering staff.

Requirements are to work in class 10 /100 cleanroom environment, follow all procedures and protocols, follow instructions well, provide feedback to coworkers/leads in a constructive/positive manner, provide technical support and suggestions to Engineering, run sputter machines efficiently and effectively, collect sputter related data on metrology tools, maintain excellent documentation, work collaboratively in a team environment to help exceed goals.

These items listed below CAN be trained. PIlot Line Operations includes - processing of the media through various media processes and equipment which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Processing of experiments for the Engineering team - processing discs through the various tools, measurement of the media, data entry, and feedback to engineering and management of the results.
  2. Work inside of a cleanroom - 100% PPE suits from head to toe with masks and safety glasses are required.
  3. Job requires a good amount of movement (walking - 50% depending on the job) to retrieve parts from point A to point B in many cases.
  4. Reaching is required in many cases to load and unload products onto racks, machines, etc., typically ranging from 24 inches to 53 inches not exceeding 10lbs.
  5. Many cases cart is provided for the transport of product, but hand carrying of product/material is required majority of the time as well.
  6. Computer skills are required in all the areas since the machines and the processes require computer and software interface. Interaction with Engineering is required via email, phone and excellent understanding and communication skills are required. Comprehension of correct recipes, file savings, instructions are followed precisely. Detailed use of excel is a must and understanding of Windows.
  7. Job requires stepping onto step stools to reach platforms for the processing of parts, as well as bending/kneeling in tight spaces for access to back of tools for process checks.
  8. Manual dexterity is needed in some areas to perform tape changes, adjustments based upon data received from Engineering or checklists. MDW process requires detailed manual dexterity with ESD sensitive parts and miniature assembly.
  9. Many of the jobs require cross training to be able to utilize the employees efficiently for planning purposes and downtime in areas.
  10. Saturday workday is required and part of their schedule in many cases and overtime is required.
  11. Must be able to focus, excellent attendance, comprehension, enthusiastic in performing their jobs, communicate detailed information well, pay attention to details, and have a good attitude and work ethics, and a true team player in getting tasks at hand completed in a timely manner.

Required Skills:

1 – No previous experience required – on the job training will be provided

2 - Proficient computer skills (Microsoft Office – email, basic Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)

3 – Excellent communication skills

4 – Professional, reliable, responsible, dependable, etc.


 Day (6am to 2:30pm & 10am to 6pm) $26

Swing (2pm to 10:30pm & 6pm to 2:30pm - 10% shift differential) $28.60

Grave shift (10pm to 6:30am - 15% shift differential) $29.90

Required Education Required Years of Experience Desired Skills Desired Education Desired Years of Experience