Security Engineer (EFSEC1401) Liverpool, England

Salary: GBP0 - GBP85000 per annum
Security Engineer

Location: Liverpool based
Fixed Term contract: 6 to 12 months
Contract Salary: £85,000 annual

The description of the type of engineer we require is below,

1. Low level technical understanding and experience of IOS configuration, specifically firewall/ACL aspect.
2. High level understanding of SDWAN code including security/firewalling feature set.
3. Detailed knowledge of ISR ACL logging capability.
4. Low level technical understanding of ISR ACL log configuration.
5. Ability to write the actual ACL config to meet the factory firewall requirements
6. Ability to logon to the ISRs and apply the firewall config.
7. Ability to hands-on troubleshoot and resolve firewall/ACL issues.
8. Good presentation and communication skills. (Should be able to present concepts, designs and configurations and communicate them to all technical abilities clearly)
9. Confidence to challenge existing technical standards if necessary