FileNet P8 Consultant

Meadows, Texas

Description: Consultant will be responsible for coordinating the FileNet P8 upgrade to version 5.2 and ensuring all interacting systems (i.e., SAP, OCR/scanning software, AP automation vendor) are integrated with the updated FileNet system.
Responsibilities Include:
Coordinate the FileNet P8 upgrade and installation to version 5.2; upgrade SAP connector from ACSAP to ICCSAP
Develop and maintain architectural and landscape aspects (sizing and security)
Connect the upgrade FileNet with SAP, Dolphin AEI and PTS
Connect the upgraded FileNet version to OCR (Brainware) OCR Brainware, SAP archive-link, Scanning software like Quillix and Dolphin. Also the resource should be able to conduct sizing for different P8 instances in the landscape.
Help the PTP technical lead with respect to OCR (Brain-ware) needs for PTP and Dolphin, deciding whether to move all the custom code in OCR to Dolphin AEI and go with a green-field OCR or stick to brownfield custom coded OCR or take a hybrid approach.

5 or more years of experience in document storage systems (ECM Enterprise Content Management)
3 or more years of experience with OCR systems (Brainware)
Experience with SAP Archive-link
Experience with Dolphin PTS
Experience in accounts payable
Strong organizational skills and detail oriented
Strong oral communication and client relationship skills
Ability to prioritize and multi-task in a demanding work environment

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