Maintenance (-1404) Baltimore, Maryland

Position Title: Maintenance


Reports to:Supervisor/Location or Operations Manager

Job Summary:
This position is involved with facility maintenance duties and customer interface and may or may not be at a specific location. Previous experience is preferred, but not required in all positions. Individual must be able to perform with minimum supervision. Other duties include facility maintenance, equipment service and general housekeeping tasks. May relieve the cashier or attendant as required.


  • Checks ticket spitters and gates daily for proper operations, ticket supply, accuracy of time on clock and general appearance.
  • Verifies maintenance schedule for daily projects to be completed.
  • Checks conditions of safety items, such as gate arms, and ensures clearance bars are secure.
  • Walks garage daily noting and correcting any maintenance problems.
  • Sweeps and picks up around the entrances and exits to the garage and stairwells as well as clean surface area rails, etc. on all levels, the booth, the office and rest rooms.
  • Empties all trashcans in the garage, the booth and the office.
  • May paint poles, curbs, equipment, gates, and lanes when requested.
  • Replaces burned out bulbs.
  • Applies oil absorbent to oil spills.
  • Submits requests for repairs or maintenance.
  • Provides ticket and record gate counters to the Manager.
  • Keeps an inventory of janitorial supplies.
  • Maintains a garage/lot sweep sheet.
  • May operate outdoor equipment such as weed eater, lawnmowers or other electrical tools to repair or construct items.
  • May relieve the cashier or attendant for breaks and meals.
  • Performs any other task deemed necessary by management.

    Job Requirements
  • May require valid driver’s license
  • May require facility maintenance, electrical and or painting experience and or skills training depending on the job assignment and facility.
  • High school diploma or GED equivalency

    Physical Requirements of Position
  • Ability to walk or stand for long periods of time (up to 8 hours, less break) to inspect facilities and equipment
  • Ability to perform cleaning and repair duties that may require stooping, bending, lifting and other similar range of motions
  • Ability to clean garage floors using mop or shovel that may require wide range of motion for arms, legs and back
  • Manual dexterity required to perform equipment maintenance and repair using hand tools, replace light bulbs, paint
  • Ability to withstand working with dust, chemicals, and other possible irritants
  • Ability to work with and apply salt in winter
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures (below zero to 90+)
  • Ability to perform duties while standing on a ladder
  • Ability to regularly lift and carry up to 50-75 pounds

    Mental Requirements of Position
  • Concentration and problem solving skills required to perform equipment maintenance and repair; some mechanical aptitude required

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    Central Parking System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Veterans are encouraged to apply.