Manager 1 (-1019) Cincinnati, Ohio

Salary: USD30000 - USD35000 per year

Assistant Manager -Manager 1

  • Fountain Square North Garage, 520 Vine Street 45202

    Position Summary: This is an entry level management opportunity

    This position is responsible for assisting and or managing single or multiple facility/business locations and/or units. Supervises at least two employees including the responsibility for their selection, training, and performance evaluations. Manages and recommends programs and projects that adhere to approved operational standards, budgets and schedules in an effort to increase revenue. Ensures the successful development, maintenance and enhancement of client, customer, employee and union relations.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    � Develops and conducts review of all company and client reports, budgets, revenues and expenses

    � Monitors revenue and expenses to ensure performance to budget; may support senior management in the budget development process

    � Maintains and enhances client relationships by recommending services to drive location profitability

    � Creates, implements, and monitors proactive customer service initiatives and resolves customer issues to ensure customer satisfaction

    � Manages and or conducts facility/location audits in order to adhere to Company and customer procedural and service standards

    � Maintains staffing and scheduling levels appropriate for location(s) and business unit(s) within area of responsibility

    � Reviews and monitors employee performance; takes disciplinary action as appropriate

    � Manages employee relations through staff development, communication and safety/recognition programs

    � May be responsible for union and labor relations

    � Other duties as assigned

    Educational / Experience Requirement:

    May require college degree and/or a minimum of 1-3 years operational, management and supervisory experience
  • Requires a valid drivers license and may require a CDL
  • May require demonstrated financial knowledge and/or experience to act on P&L statements
  • Proven client, customer/managed services and or hospitality experience

Leadership Competencies:

  • Strong Verbal & Written Communication Skills
  • Resourceful
  • Ability to supervise others
  • The ability to wear many hats

Additional Requirements:

Maintenance Responsibility: · Walk the property daily to observe the physical condition and appearance of the facility. You are looking for leaks, trip hazards, structural damage, trash, and other debris found in the garage. · Responsible for Inventory control of all maintenance supplies and equipment. · Oversee and supervise the maintenance personnel at the facility. ·Plan in advance the what, when, why, how and who of each task assigned. This proactive planning will require Control and Follow-up of each task as well as effective communication between you and the employee to ensure the successful and timely completion of the task. ·Responsible for the organization and assignment of activities and tasks to achieve the profitable objectives of the facility. ·Check each time clock, fee computer and spitter machine for time accuracy. ·Learn to repair, adjust and program the parking equipment and fee computers. Become familiar with the operation and uses of the equipment and the various types of management information, which can be provided by the equipment. ·Supervise the morning and/or afternoon rush of traffic. This will enable you to react quickly to customer service issues or other incidents and ensure a smooth egress of the facility. ·Perform a daily maintenance walk through of each facility. You should note and correct the following items: o Light Fixtures in need of repair and replacement. All lights in the facility should be operational at all times. o Accumulation of trash in facility or trash cans overflows. Also note need for mechanical sweeping and schedule wash down as necessary. o Maintenance problems including graphics, structure, painting, oil spots and elevator cleanliness. o Violations of facility parking regulations. ·Assume the Ownership of these findings and ensure they are corrected in a timely manner. ·Read and understand the Maintenance training program provided in the Central Parking System Maintenance training module. Assign the tasks listed in this manual and schedule follow-up of the employees. · Read and understand the supplemental “Parking Garage Maintenance Manual”. ·Work on assigned projects concerning but not limited to the following: · Operational Improvements · Maintenance and Repair of Facilities. · Policies and Procedures · Graphics · Facility Appearance · Personnel Requirements · Maintenance and Repair of Equipment

Central Parking System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Central Parking is a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Parking.