Operations Manager (-941) Houston, Texas

Central Parking System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Position Title:  Operations Manager

 Reports To:      Sr. Operations Manager

 Salary Range:   Exempt

 Scope of Position:       The Operations Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a delegated section or assignment of the parking operations within a city or airport. This includes human resource management, accounting functions, uniformity, facility maintenance, special event operations, and customer service.. 


Facilities Management- Terminals A and B


  1. Walk the locations daily to observe the physical condition and appearance of the facility. Looking for the volume of business, the professional appearance of personnel (in proper uniform), ensure that each position is fully staffed and supplied properly with the necessary materials to perform their duties, and observe the performance of the employees.
  2. Coordinate maintenance improvements.
  3. Handle all details of opening new location or facility.
  4. Be responsible for the security of the locations and the replacement of lighting.
  5. Handle insurance claims for auto damage, including the interview of the claimant and final disposition
  6. Plan in advance the what, when, why, how and who of each task assigned. This proactive planning will require Control and Follow-up of each task as well as effective communication between the operations manager and the Assistant Managers to ensure the successful and timely completion of the task.
  7. Perform a monthly maintenance walkthrough of each location with Assistant Area Managers. You should note and report to the Area and/or Sr. Operations Manager the following items:


  1. Light Fixtures in need of repair and replacement. All lights in the facility should be operational at all times.
  2. Accumulation of trash in facility or trashcans overflows. Also note need for mechanical sweeping and schedule wash down as necessary.
  3. Maintenance problems including graphics, structure, painting, oil spots and elevator cleanliness.
  4. Violations of facility parking regulations.

Shuttle Bus Operations


  1. Responsible for the overall function and reporting of the shuttle operations. Review and audit all daily shift and operator reports and provide recurring training as necessary for the Area Manager, Assistant Managers, dispatchers and shuttle bus drivers.
  2. Establishing and coordinating shuttle driver schedules/routes (including vacation, lunch breaks and leaves of absence), safety meetings, job training, ongoing employee evaluations, advising Senior Management of areas needing improvement and ensuring that all other supervisor duties are managed
  3. Monitor and review on a daily basis all required logs for completeness and accuracy.
    1. Ensure compliance with DOT,ADAand OSHA requirements
    2. Monitor Fleet Manager GPS System
    3. Complete required reports in a timely manner as directed by Senior Operations Manager and or General Manager
  4. Abide by and ensure adherence to established policies, rules and regulations, and procedures of Central Parking, as applicable to the facilities, and enforcing the correct shuttle operating procedures to ensure all procedures are handled in a smooth and efficient manner
  5. .Review applications, interview and hire all drivers and attendants for the shuttle bus facility.
  6. Closely monitor the vehicles to assure that shuttle operations are functioning in accordance with assigned routes and schedules.


  • Management experience is preferred.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Spreadsheet experience, Excel preferred
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to maintain the highest levels of Customer Service