Project Manager/Account Executive (OMG3110) Los Angeles, California

OMD Los Angeles is seeking out a talented Project Manager/Account Executive for the Ignition Factory - our innovation-focused specialty media team. The focus of this role will be to research trends, concept unique marketing/promotional opportunities and manage projects from start to finish. 

The Ignition Factory is designed to bring cutting edge innovation in both media and marketing to OMD clients.  The group is designed with creative media experts who inject ideas that spark traditional and new media plans with technology, innovation, and an added layer of creativity that goes beyond the boundaries of media.  OMD is the only agency with such a broad creative media department that does not just innovate in new and emerging platforms, but within the context of the traditional mediums as well.  This seamless addition to the OMD offering not only provides proactive thinking on marketing and business objectives, but also serves as an intelligence resource on trends, pop-culture, and best practices in creative media around the world.  

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a strong appetite for new technology, emerging media, pop culture and everything in between. The candidate will have an expert understanding of emerging media technologies and will be able to develop creative uses of those technologies to help our advertisers “break through the clutter”.

Additional candidate requirements:


•       Demonstrate the ability to translate the “language” of emerging media  (e.g. location based services, apps, digital content, etc) into marketing programs and ideas  

•       Must have an expert grasp of social media marketing beyond the fact they the use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare – we need an early adopter that can speak to both the macro and micro themes in social media

•       Creative marketing manager to develop ideas and presentations for existing and new clients in digital media, traditional media and branded entertainment

•       Must have strong presentation skills – in addition to developing creative concepts, this person will also be selling through ideas to senior level clients and helping them understand the value of creative marketing executions

•       Must have the ability to present and discuss emerging media trends with senior level clients

•       Must be a self-starter with a strong ability to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit in the context of a corporate environment

•       Should be able to demonstrate experience with project management – we don’t want someone who is just about making the trains run on time but the trains do have to run on time. The right candidate will need to have a mix of creative energy and the discipline to see highly customized projects through to completion while managing several other tasks

•       Considered candidates will have 3+ years in an agency environment - advertising, media, digital, marketing, mobile, events, experiential, guerilla, talent or entertainment-related