Clinical Research Psychologist (so29) Dayton, Ohio

Clinical Research Psychologist – WPAFB, OH

We are currently accepting qualified applications for a qualified Research Psychologist atWPAFB,OH.



Clinical Research Psychologist: This is a full-time position for a licensed clinical research psychologist who shall obtain and maintain credentials in a military medical treatment facility, who has a minimum of a PhD or PsycD and who can obtain a secret security clearance. The psychologist shall also be provided clinical supervision by an aeromedical clinical psychologist, as needed. The psychologist shall have experience providing timely written and verbal interpretation of psychological testing and clinical interviews. This individual will also have an initial responsibility for submitting and applying psychological research addressing Air Force mission/gaps including study design, review of relevant scientific literature and project execution. The contractor should have knowledge in Department of Defense regulations and Air Force medical policy related to the delivery of mental health care and initiatives to promote health and human performance.  The contractor should have experience presenting research at national or international meetings and experience with creating and submitting manuscripts to peer reviewed journals. The contractor shall assist the 711 HPW as the principle investigator for proposed psychological research and will support psychological evaluations of special duty operators and aircrew within USAFSAM. 

Research psychologist will:

2.1.1 Summarize clinical findings of psychological testing and clinical interviews in written and verbal format to a multidisciplinary staff of professionals in aerospace medicine and shall work collaboratively with one or more aerospace psychiatrists in formulating diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and aeromedical recommendations.

2.1.2 Consult with USAF Flight Surgeons AF-wide. This includes responding to questions or inquiries related to the evaluation and treatment of aircrew, special duty personnel, and other airmen required to meet aeromedical standards.

2.1.3 Write aeromedical summaries for MAJCOM Surgeon Generals regarding the psychological evaluation and aeromedical recommendations of aircrew members referred for clinical psychological consultative evaluations at the Aerospace Medicine Consultation Division.

2.1.4 Conduct podium instruction/lectures via power point presentations to flight surgeons, aerospace physiologists, psychologists, and international flight surgeons who are in training at USAFSAM.

2.1.5 Assist in the data analyses, research design, report writing and research collaboration of aeromedical research projects.

2.1.6 Maintain licensure, and meet credentialing standards of military medical treatment facilities- to include Basic Life Support training.

2.1.7 Design plans of scientific and statistical investigation utilizing occupational stress and pilot selection databases and other DoD databases determined to be relevant to projects on which they work.  All scientific and statistical investigation plans will be coordinated with and approved by professional staff and senior statisticians.

2.1.8 Organize review of scientific literature and participates in discussion of same with professional staff and senior statistician.

2.1.9 Provide at least quarterly summaries of data and research findings to supervisory professional staff and senior statistician.

2.1.10 Create annotated bibliography in coordination with professional staff in support of professional presentations, scholarly publications and DoD technical reports.

2.1.11  Assist professional staff and senior statistician in authoring scientific paper(s), professional presentation(s), and DoD technical report(s).  The number of presentations, reports and papers shall be determined based upon the relevance of research findings as they become available.  Professional staff members shall be the lead author(s) on any and all presentation, reports, and papers.

2.1.12  Perform statistical analyses of study data with oversight provided by senior statistician

2.1.13  Write/create competitive, well-written, full drafts of all research proposals, papers and presentations and will edit drafts as directed by FHC professional staff.

2.1.14  Collaborate with professional colleagues, including federal, state and international   officials,medical professionals and government officials. This also includes collaborating with privateindividuals and researchers in academic settings on research and investigations.

2.1.15  Attend meetings, as required, with government organizations, academia,and meetings with other experts in their field.

2.1.16  Coordinate with professional staff in authoring scientific papers(s), professional presentation(s) and DoD technical reports.

2.1.17 Assure confidentiality of documents, communications and study data (CITI training current and follow HIPPA and IRB requirements).

2.1.18  Provide and accept technical guidance and advisory recommendations.

2.1.19 Work with project managers and professional staff to assure that project is performing on