Lean Deployment Manager (PG_BNTY_LEAN) Georgia, USA

Salary: USD80000 - USD85000 per year
 - May participate in developing and mentoring CI leaders, guiding them through green belt cert.
 - Plans, leads and facilitates Kaizen teams
 - Completes event planning, performs pre-work, facilitates teams and supports events (This also includes startup, expansion & closure)
 - Follows-up on events and audit compliance to lean plans to prevent backsliding
 - Supports continuous improvement deployment, using fundamentals of lean and six sigma.
 - Leads and implements organizational change
 - Completes CI projects that lead to improved business results
 - Assesses CI initiatives and provides input and recommendations on future activities.
 - Design,implement, monitor and maintain the "Quality Management System" including documentation and records based on internal & external standards/regulations.
Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, Mixed Model Flow/Pull and other process improvement experience required.
70% travel position