Technical Architect (17TL) New York, New York


Front-end Developer, Product Team
In today’s highly competitive and consumer centric marketplace; employing technology, data and analytics to increase growth, revenue and ROI is a must to create differentiation and stay on top. Real-time actionables are instrumental in driving results within a highly fragmented marketplace. Annalect’s teams and solutions/tools are built on change and an eye to the future. Thus enabling a true partnership with clients where data, technology and analytics mean something to a client’s KPIs. 
Working with numerous Fortune 50 clients from all brand categories and drawing from the vast parent company resources of Omnicom, Annalect was formed in order to further cement our position and push the envelope within the data management, technology and analytics space. With an extensive global footprint and hubs in New York, London and Singapore, Annalect brings together a talented mix of over 450 right and left brain thinkers that are pioneers in technology, digital and research. They include data scientists that have consulted across the globe, user experience experts who have produced both consumer facing and highly technical trade interfaces, PhD mathematicians with decades of combined experience, search and display planner/buyers with their pulse on the marketplace and research gurus who help bring brands to life. 
Annalect was created to foster a “maker community.” If a client has a problem and a solution doesn’t currently exist, Annalect will figure out a way to create it and add value to that client’s business. The Annalect offering is an end to end marketing technology solution that starts off with data and ends in activation. There are several key players within each discipline that steward this process. 
The end result of Annalect and its structure for clients is value.
Annalect is looking for a senior developer to lead our product team. Applicants should have a passion for technology, development, data, design, and fusing these disciplines together to build cool things. You will be working with our experience design lead and product team to deliver marketing technology, big data, and innovative interfaces.
Your contribution:
•Rapidly prototype web applications, from soup to nuts. Don't worry, this isn't a design position, but we are interested in usable interfaces to help us realize the potential a given product.
•Explore and process structured and unstructured data so that a prototype might interact with it.
•Help define the vision for a product, identify dead ends and routes with untapped potential.
•Break things, rebuild them, make them better, and share with the wider team your leanings.
Skills & Requirements
•Agile development experience with a deep understanding of Python and/or Ruby
•Front-end abilities and experience with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (responsive web design a plus)
•Database management and design experience, SQL or NoSQL
•Experience manipulating and working with data in a variety of forms: csv, xml, json, structured and unstructured
•Experience working with a variety of APIs and RESTful interfaces
•Intellectual curiosity and drive; self-starters will thrive in this position
•Desire to speak at industry events, tradeshows, and other educational opportunities
•Passion for Technology: Excitement for new technology, bleeding edge applications, and a positive attitude towards solving real world challenges
•Show us an app you've built to solve a real world problem
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