Global Digital Director (OMG320) New York, New York


Talent Profile: Overall, we are looking for a senior strategic thinker who approaches the digital landscape from a broad perspective, beyond just paid but embracing earned and owned media as well. This individual is digital heart and soul, with a true curiosity around how to make the consumer experience more engaging, and what unique role the Nissan brand can play in that space. We need a unique combination of thinker, do-er and leader – someone who is seeing the 30,000 foot view, but who is also willing to roll up their sleeves alongside an integrated team members to help during a big project.


Leadership Responsibilities: Team development, digital thought leadership and portfolio management across Nissan’s global initiatives. Elevate the digital product and perception of OMD within Nissan and agency partners. 


Key goals and achievements for this position include:


  1. Provide digital thought leadership, and elevate the overall digital product of the Nissan global team, achieving brand and portfolio KPIs and driving consumer engagement.
  2. Lead strategic digital thinking within a collaborative environment, working closely with creative, client and internal resources
  3. Develop and implement digital portfolio management strategy and action plan
    1. Aligning clearly with GAD and other relevant investment
  4. Grow digital revenue through incremental services, consistent measureable performance and client education on the importance of digital against various consumer segments


Specific areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:


The Global Digital Director acts as a senior media management representative for his/her respective businesses and is responsible for the following:


  • Champion OMD by believing and supporting the organization both internally and externally
  • Champion Digital Media within OMD by working with Client Communications Directors, Group Directors of Strategy and Group Directors of Investment to further their understanding of convergence and motivate them through positive and respectful discussions to evolve the traditional media planning and buying functions to incorporate Digital
  • Manage the digital team which includes: provide adequate training, oversee and conduct evaluations, resolve issues/problems, rotate staff, and provide salary recommendations
  • Manage a solid client relationship and provide key strategic initiatives/thinking. Thought leadership with the savviest digital client as well as education for newer clients is expected
  • Maintain a relationship with various other Strategic Business Units and introduce on client’s business accordingly


Media Strategy:

  • Insights
    • Provide client-specific consultation on topics/opportunities that can be scaled to global markets, e.g. trends, technologies and best practices
    • Identify priority digital topic areas based on client need and potential revenue opportunity
  • Develop planning objectives and strategies that coincide with the client’s marketing direction
  • Challenge the team to discover and articulate insights (not just facts)
  • Continually reinforce a consumer-centric view in all strategic thinking
  • Ideas
  • Manage implementation of integrating offerings and tools
  • Identify opportunities for cross-platform deals, when appropriate
  • Guarantee appropriate time is made across all teams for thoughtful ideas
  • Insure that Associate Directors of Strategy and Strategists are constantly ahead of the curve in recommending new ideas to clients
  • Provide point-of-view on various new media and technologies in the marketplace
  • Results
  • Sell strategies, new technologies, and media plans to clients
  • Up-sell other OMD Digital and OMD traditional services, as well as work with other Omnicom- owned companies to bring appropriate services to the client
  • Assess media performance to determine the extent to which the original objectives and strategies were met
  • Work with Third Party Technology vendors (Doubleclick, AtlasDMT, Live Technology, Comscore, Nielsen-Netratings, and others to provide feedback to further improve the quality of the Planning, Buying, Competitive Tracking, Ad Serving, and Post Analysis tools.


Media Expertise:

  • Lead negotiator on any large scale annual/global deal with a particular vendor
  • Meet with senior management in the publisher and technology community on a regular basis to pursue ideas that are strategically aligned with the client’s business, and ensure senior level relationships are being curated
  • Keep abreast of industry trends (trade press, seminars, current events, etc.) that may impact a client’s business
  • Be a source of confidence with key clients so that they understand and acknowledge that you are the expert in the field of Digital Marketing




  • Thorough knowledge of all digital media planning tools
  • Thorough knowledge of the dynamics of media.  How each media element performs alone, how they perform together and how they are constantly changing
  • A solid understanding of the skills and functions of the Strategic Business Units’ competencies
  • A strong understanding of the clients’ industries and environments within which they operate


  • Leadership
  • Ultimate responsibility for the work generated by the team
  • Ability to train and inspire
  • Ability to provide high-level strategic knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to foster a strong, cohesive working team
  • Technical Skills
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of marketing and advertising as well as an understanding of media concepts and terms, creative and budget requirements
  • Problem Solving
  • Ability to use alternative analytical approaches to solve media problems
  • Ability to think in a non-linear fashion
  • Ability to effectively handle personnel issues
  • Verbal/Written Communication Skills
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely and present orally in an articulate and confident manner
  • Ability to effectively and comfortably communicate and interact with clients and negotiate on the client’s behalf
  • Ability to articulate objectives, opportunities and techniques