Intermediate Software Developer2014 (PCK477-18835) Halifax, Canada

Lloyd’s Register Martec is a Canadian engineering research and consulting firm specializing in the development and application of advanced engineering solutions for clients in the marine, security, and defence sectors. Areas of interest include ship and offshore structural analysis, explosion impact modeling, ship hydrodynamics, and data analysis. Martec’s software development team aims to turn engineering knowledge into state of the art software applications that address critical client challenges.

The Halifax-based software development team has an immediate opening for the position of Intermediate Software Developer developing applications supporting ship engineering analysis. The ideal candidate should:

  • Be able to demonstrate experience playing a leading or otherwise significant role in the success of past software development project(s) working alone or on a team.
  • Have the ability to quickly learn existing codebases and modify or implement new functionality in line with user requirements.
  • Have the ability to work independently and track and report progress to project stakeholders.
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Be familiar with software development tools and practices supporting version control, project and change management, and bug tracking.

Experience in any of the following areas are considered a definite asset for the position: 

  • Development of Windows UI applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and UI frameworks such as MFC, Windows Forms, WPF/Silverlight, or QT.
  • Use of graphics APIs such as OpenGL, DirectX, XNA, or similar.
  • Computational geometric modeling theory and tools.
  • Data modeling and data technologies, including XML and XSLT.

The team uses C++ and C# for most of its development, and as such the candidate will be expected to be fluent in at least one of these languages.

Lloyd’s Register Martec has been cooperating continuously since 1973 and has offices in Halifax and Ottawa. Employees at Martec enjoy an intellectually challenging and collegial working environment with generous benefits and a corporate culture that places a strong emphasis on individual creativity and initiative.