Ruby Developer with Sphinx

Location:  Nashville, Tennessee
Salary:  USD75 - USD100 per hour

Our client has a need for a Ruby on Rails Developer to help grow and advance their platform utilizing Sphinx technology They have a high-traffic; high-transaction system that is constantly giving them new opportunities to push the boundaries of Ruby on Rails. 


  • Candidates should talk through rough feature requirements all the way through debugging issues in production
  • Moving beyond customer-facing features, this role will be involved in refining and improving their framework and infrastructure as they scale and grow their platform
  • The ideal candidate would know how to optimize queries as well as different strategies for caching data
  • experience doing custom configurations (defining what data to index from multiple tables and dbs)
  • ability to use spanish stemming
  • ability to have english and spanish index
  • ability to have a user preference to choose which index to use

The successful applicant will possess the following requirements (items are required unless noted otherwise): 

  • 2+ years of production Rails work
  • 2+ years of Sphinx and/or Sphinx Search Engine experience
  • Strong Ruby knowledge
  • Experience working with large databases
  • Experience with Ruby / Rails performance optimization and complex refactoring

Skills / Experience: 

  • Enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development
  • Working knowledge of full-text search technologies
  • Strong debugging and data spelunking skills

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