Senior Modeler (Catastrophe, IED) (13441) Newark, California

In this role you will be primarily responsible for

  • Researching and mining socio-economic and engineering information related to insured properties mainly in American or European Countries.
  • Evaluating the Insurance Policy language in P&C industry in such countries and translating those details to implementable assumptions
  • Evaluating and implementing home-grown methodologies and solutions for property valuation
  • Developing insured value estimates, localized deductibles and limits and similar at geographic resolutions such as Zip, county, CRESTAs, district, state or similar
  • Executing analytics of Exposure Data provided by our clients, and benchmarking RMS data products against such data


  • M.S. or Ph.D. in an engineering or science related field including but not limited to: Civil and Structural Engineering, Financial Engineering, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Applied Math, Urban Planning, Econometrics, Actuarial, Science, and Statistics.
  • High level of proficiency in data analysis and data manipulation software tools (Excel, Access, VBA and SQL). Working knowledge of ARCGIS Software.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills, as evidenced by technical presentations at meetings and conferences.
  • Experience in one or more of the following would be useful: underwriting, data mining, developing analytical models, claims handling or Actuarial Analysis.
  • Some knowledge of any of the following will be helpful: Fortran, C, C++, MATLAB or other statistical packages. 
  • Detail oriented, ability to learn quickly, strong analytical organizational skills. 
  • A team player with a high-degree of self-motivation!
  • Ideal candidate would have developed data products in multiple capacities and would possess strong problem solving skills.

Did you know there"s a 5% chance that a hurricane will cause $60 billion of insured losses next year? And there"s a 1% chance that an earthquake will cause $50 billion of insured loss in the next 12 months? We do. At RMS, we build the simulation models that allow insurers and investors to understand portfolio risks due to catastrophes: natural catastrophes (hurricane, earthquake, and flood), terrorism, pandemic, and changes in life expectancy. We are one of the most exciting and technologically sophisticated firms you"ve "never" heard of, unless you"re one of our hundreds of clients in the (re)insurance, banking or hedge fund sector. We lead an industry we helped pioneer and ultimately our work makes a true impact on the world at large. How we understand and manage risk affects everybody and our passion is nothing less than creating a more resilient world through a better understanding of catastrophic events. As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are now evolving our vision by delivering future solutions in the cloud, releasing in 2014 a cutting edge risk management platform "RMS(one)" for the global risk market. RMS(one) will create a holistic and integrated view across the enterprise with one platform for all models, all points of view, all data. All will be run as equal partners on RMS(one). To find out more, Or follow us on Facebook or @rmsjobs on Twitter. RMS is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.