Principal Software Engineer, Distribution & Aggregation (13267) Newark, California

We are building our own distribution and aggregation framework and want your fresh perspectives and exceptional engineering skillset implementing distributed computational systems! 
As a member of our Distribution & Aggregation group in Analytical Development, you will be a core contributor to the team building our distribution and aggregation computational framework.   You will leverage your significant prior experience in building such systems to contribute to the design, implementation and deployment of our own distribution & aggregation grid.  You will be responsible for portions of the stack including integration of our analytical engines and many of the necessary infrastructure components needed for a robust, scalable, easy-to-maintain and fast processing framework.  Working with a group of Senior Principal developers and other senior engineering staff, you will support their efforts and learn a lot on the way.  You will be challenged with the need to continually improve and optimize the system as job processing load increases and our clients demand faster response times for larger volumes of data.  You will have the opportunity to truly make a difference as we innovate from the ground up in building RMS(one), our next generation product solution for the cloud.  We want you to bring your ideas and software engineering skills to our dynamic, growing team!
We are looking for a great programmer who is motivated, smart and enthusiastic about building a distribution grid from scratch.  You will be right at home in this position if you are someone who is not content with just writing code, but rather wants to understand how and why things “work under the hood”.  An ideal candidate is curious by nature and thrives on digging into what is happening at the O/S level and understanding how the compiler interprets code.  Your prior engineering experience may have included working with a third party distribution and aggregation framework such as Hadoop, Microsoft HPC or the equivalent.  Excellent communication will be one of your strong traits.  If you thrive on taking responsibility for delivering new solutions for a growing, dynamic product, we want to hear from you.
Required experience and skills:

  • Exceptional programming skills in C++ and C#/.NET on a large code base.  Expertise in another OO programming language can be substituted if prior experience is substantial  and candidate has strong knowledge of C++ and/or C#/.NET
  • Exceptional knowledge of measuring performance, identifying bottlenecks (code and/or architectural design), and monitoring resource usage (memory, CPU, disk IO, network IO)
  • Strong knowledge of communication protocols (TCP/IP, sockets, etc) and networking challenges in highly parallel, distributed systems; ability to design, implement and debug custom communication protocols
  • Knowledge of issues involved in building a distributed, parallel processing system (e.g. performance, scalability, availability, concurrency, queuing, etc.)
  • 7+ years of programming experience; proven track record of on-time delivery of your work
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to convey complex ideas to others in a concise and clear manner
  • Strong software engineering discipline: you document, measure, test and tune what you build
  • B.S. / M.S. in Computer Science or related discipline; Master’s degree preferred

Desirable experience and skills:

  • A previous experience having implemented and maintained a distributed, scalable computational framework such as a cluster-based “grid” or a high-throughput/low-latency parallel computing farm.  Prior work with Hadoop/Microsoft HPC/similar cluster frameworks will be considered.
  • Strong mathematical skills in algorithmic computations, statistics and probability
  • Strong knowledge of a major RDBMS platform (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle), data modeling and data access and sharing patterns in distributed systems

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