Geospatial Modeler (GIS, ArcGIS) (13483) Newark, California


  • Design, build, and test models for geocoding around the world. 
  • Use expertise in geography, demography, history, and quantitative methods to enhance and integrate applications in mapping, spatial modeling, and exposure analytics.
  • Collect and compile geospatial data in support of geocoding, mapping, and hazard modeling. 
  • Demonstrate expertise in addressing systems worldwide, and an understanding of how these relate to GIS data attributes. 
  • Evaluate global base maps of address information at multiple resolutions (buildings, parcels, streets, postal codes, cities, counties, and states). 
  • Assess the quality of geospatial databases by executing tests and evaluating results using statistical applications and RMS software. 
  • Design and perform “ground-truthing” exercises to validate the accuracy of base-map features. 
  • Prepare and review technical documents for data development. 
  • Collaborate with colleagues in RMS offices around the world to find and fix map-data and geocoding bugs.


  • Technical skills in geographic analysis, cartographic design, and/or remote sensing, with expertise in applications such as districting, site selection, routing, and/or topographic modeling.
  • Demonstrated research skills, referencing a wide variety of information sources.
  • Strong computer skills, using GIS applications (especially ArcGIS) and database systems (especially SQL), as well as good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Automation or macro-development experience using Visual Basic, VBA, Python, Esri Model Builder, or equivalent.
  • Detail-oriented and self-motivated, with excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Foreign-language proficiency is a plus.


  • MA/MS in Geography, Urban Planning, Demography, Anthropology, History, or related discipline, with an emphasis on geospatial analysis and location modeling.
  • At least 4 years’ experience with GIS projects in an academic or professional setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex technical problems by applying geographic knowledge and principles.
  • Ability to work independently and in teams, with minimal supervision.

Did you know there’s a 5% chance that a hurricane will cause $60 billion of insured losses next year?   And there’s a 1% chance that an earthquake will cause $50 billion of insured loss in the next 12 months?  We do.  At RMS, we build the simulation models that allow insurers and investors to understand portfolio risks due to catastrophes:  natural catastrophes (hurricane, earthquake, flood), terrorism, pandemic, and changes in life expectancy. 
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As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are now evolving our vision by delivering future solutions in the cloud, releasing in 2014 a cutting edge risk management platform ‘RMS(one)’ for the global risk market.  RMS(one) will create a holistic and integrated view across the enterprise with one platform for all models, all points of view, and all data. All will be run as equal partners on RMS(one).

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