Manager, Model Certification (Insurance / CAT Modeling) (13312) Newark, California

The Model Product Management (MPM) Analytics team at RMS is responsible for the commercial success of current and future models.  To that end, the group works with both external clients and internal developers to provide the linkage necessary between features the market requires and specifications needed for development.  The MPM team also works with our marketing and account management teams to enable accurate inbound market feedback and to provide appropriate collateral for outbound market communication.
Within MPM lies the Model Certification group which is responsible for certifying models and features related to all perils and regions.  This includes the RMS financial model, uncertainty modeling, overall model framework, and others.  This includes analysis of large notional and client data sets to measure loss changes and sensitivity to different parameters, with an end goal to support model certification.
Objectives/Responsibilities of this Position
You will work closely with other managers and engineers in the model certification team, and within MPM broadly, to lead the design and execution of tests for certifying catastrophe models for earthquake, terrorism hurricane and other perils.
This role will require providing leadership to a team of model certification engineers in developing tests based on engineering and technical specifications, as well as creating and maintaining processes, tools, and automation to efficiently execute the tests. This will involve proficiency in working with both current and new models.  It also requires working collaboratively with model development teams and software teams to push quality upstream, as well as creating metrics to measure the impact of tests.
Some of the key responsibilities that fall within the objectives and responsibility of this position are listed below.

  • Design tests to verify correct implementation of peril models
  • Maintain test dataset for regression tests of models
  • Participate in loss review of models
  • Create and maintain informative dashboards of defect metrics and build health
  • Work with IT in provisioning adequate computing resources and setting up distributed analysis environments
  • Mentor and manage a team of 3-4 model certification engineers

Experience Required

  • MS degree in engineering, natural sciences or statistics
  • 5-8 years experience in insurance, reinsurance, cat modeling, or related areas.
  • At least 2 years experience as a manager.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Proficiency in at least one computer programming language. 
  • Proficiency with databases (SQL) and VBA.

Advantageous Knowledge (will need to be learned on the job)

  • Prior catastrophe modeling and testing experience
  • Workflow automation

Skill Required

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Results and Action Oriented
  • Flexible to Agile Work Environment
  • Business Acumen


  • Decision Making
  • Self-Knowledge and Development
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Managing with Trust and Mentoring for Success
  • Communication

 Did you know there’s a 5% chance that a hurricane will cause $60 billion of insured losses next year?   And there’s a 1% chance that an earthquake will cause $50 billion of insured loss in the next 12 months?  We do.  At RMS, we build the simulation models that allow insurers and investors to understand portfolio risks due to catastrophes:  natural catastrophes (hurricane, earthquake, flood), terrorism, pandemic, and changes in life expectancy. 
We are one of the most exciting and technologically sophisticated firms you’ve ‘never’ heard of, unless you’re one of our hundreds of clients in the (re)insurance, banking or hedge fund sector.  We lead an industry we helped pioneer and ultimately our work makes a true impact on the world at large.  How we understand and manage risk affects everybody and our passion is nothing less than creating a more resilient world through a better understanding of catastrophic events.
As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are now evolving our vision by delivering future solutions in the cloud, releasing in 2014 a cutting edge risk management platform ‘RMS(one)’ for the global risk market.  RMS(one) will create a holistic and integrated view across the enterprise with one platform for all models, all points of view, all data. All will be run as equal partners on RMS(one).
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