Compiler Test Developer - 2550496 (BBBH294) San Mateo, California

Salary: Market Rates

Compiler test engineering and automation position Primary responsibility will be developing test systems for validate PlayStation game platform compilers. Candidate will be expected to design, develop and maintain automated test frameworks. These test framework(s) will be written in Python.
Candidate must also be capable of writing test-cases or test applications to verify these compilers feature sets. The candidate needs an understanding of the C and C++ programming languages, and be capable of debugging native executables.
Must have the ability to analyze test results and identify/isolate problems. Candidate will need to execute tests in both MS Windows and Linux environments, and should feel comfortable in a Windows development environment.

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent (MS CS is preferable)
  • Significant scripting and automation experience (e.g. Linux command-line with bash/sh, Windows batch file, Python, etc) (3+ years)
  • Python experience (2 or more years) Experience with databases (SQL or MongoDB) (2 years min.)
  • Hands-on experience in writing software tests in C and C++ in a Linux/Unix or Windows environment (1 year min.)
  • Ability to debug, analyze tests & generate test reports by automation.
  • Being meticulous is important.