Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer - PDE001 (BBBH135) Santa Monica, California

Salary: Market Rates

As a Senior Engineer, you will have the opportunity to build a world class product used by millions of users in an extremely fun and fast growing industry.
This position offers an excellent starting salary and an amazing opportunity to work with experienced entrepreneurs building a fun and fast paced company. We also offer an outstanding stock options package.
You will get a chance to exercise your programming skills to their full potential.
As part of the core team, you will have to opportunity to work on the software stack from back to front and top to bottom.
Our technology stack includes an advertisement server written in Ruby on Rails, multiple SDKs (iOS/Android), and other helping technology (Unity, Corona).
The stack is hosted on Amazon EC2 using the following components: PostgreSQL, Memcached, NGINX, & Zabbix.
Software languages we consistently use includes: Javascript, Ruby, Objective-C, Java, & C/C++.
Senior Engineers should be able to handle production operations and answer the age old question of what stack to use and why in an educated and consistent manner.
You should be able to easily manage Linux servers and compile stack components from source code if necessary.
The ideal candidate should be able to work without being micro-managed, yet be able to keep in constant communication to keep the development flow going. You should be self-disciplined, be able to communicate effectively, and take pride in your work.


Develop ad serving technology, analyze data, and optimize based on said data.
Write & Test code, deploy to production systems, maintain existing functionality.
Develop, Support, & Maintain SDKs to interface with ad server.
Efficiently communicate current tasks, issues, and recommendations on engineering tasks.
Effectively gather user input and bug reports and push updates accordingly.


  • Extremely strong Ruby on Rails skills (or similar MVC framework.)
  • Objective-C, Java, & C/C++
  • Extremely strong Javascript skills.
  • Very Strong SQL skills, we use PostgreSQL.
  • Basic design and HTML/CSS skills.
  • Proficient developer, able to finish what they start.
  • Built RESTful services in the past.
  • Very strong Linux server management skills
  • Experience deploying and maintaining production systems.
  • Good sample code or projects upon request.

Huge Pluses:

  • Experience within the game sector
  • Experience with big data & machine learning
  • Experience with mobile apps
  • Experience with the Facebook API
  • Experience with personalization algorithms