Construction Engineer/Project Manager (CONPMVER894521) Queens, New York

The work performed requires an independent expert with specialized engineering education and field experience and knowledgeable in bridge, sewer, water main and highway design and construction in New York City and utilize their vast knowledge and experience to prepare cost estimates of the telephone interferences on municipal projects. The expert will review NYC public agencies designs drawings and bid specifications to assess interference impacts with various ECS/Verizon manholes, conduits and cable facilities and prepare the cost estimates from a contractor’s perspective and complete such estimates in a short timeframe. The expert must be capable of representing ECS in an arbitration to defend their estimates prepared.

•             The expert will be required to prepare independent estimates on selected municipal projects which ECS will use to compare with the PreEngineering estimates, field estimates and then ECS will make a determination if the expert’s estimate is the most credible option to use in negotiations with the contractor and eventually in an arbitration procedure.


Essential Job Functions

•             Strong project management skills and the ability to manage multiple ongoing projects simultaneously and ability to prioritize tasks.

•             Complete understanding of what constitutes municipal interference and the complex issues that stem from it.

•             Understand and interpret construction project contract drawings and evaluate impacts on the existing telecom system by comparing proposed work to information found on telecom facility to-scale maps and associated engineering reports.

•             Ability to employ sound judgment in making management decisions that arise from municipal interference issues.

•             Understanding of City water main distribution systems and storm/sewer collection systems.

•             Familiarity with the telecom underground system, its makeup and typical construction standards. Familiarity with NYC DDC and DEP standard specifications and NY State Code Rule 753.

•             Ability to estimate the cost of construction project items of work utilizing and understand and interpret City and utility work item specifications.


Education, Experience, and Skills Required

•             Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

•             Licensed Professional Engineer in New York State.

•             Thirty years’ experience in design and/or construction and estimating concentration in New York City.

•             Strong written, verbal, mathematical, and interpersonal skills and a knowledge of drafting standards, mathematics, science, and engineering technology.

•             Proficient in the use of related equipment and software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Windows XP or higher.

•             Possess strong communication and negotiation skills.