Global Technical Specialist (11374z) Houston, Texas

One of the largest oilfield services companies, Weatherford operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. With a product and service portfolio that spans the life cycle of a well- drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention- and a robust research and development effort , we are well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

Highly specialized position skilled in technical support for (a) new product design (b) research & development (c) manufacturing (d) interface with field operations during commercialization phase  (e)  conduct field trials on new product design  (f)  assist districts in packer operations  (g)  train & develop local personnel in packer operations.
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (not listed in any particular order)
  • Participate in overall product strategy, research and development requirements, development priorities.
  • Collaborates with a wide variety of functional areas such as sales, operations, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and operations to develop and provide product definitions responsive to customer needs and market opportunities.
  • Interfaces with the design team and provides guidance based on previous operational and field experience, liaison with operations.
  • Actively participates in all product design reviews at all new product development gate levels.
  • Supervise and help coordinate prototype testing at the R&D facility as required by the engineering groups new product test procedure.
  • Provides technical support and guidance for any problems that may be may encountered during development or during the commercialization process.
  • Plan and coordinate training as required by product line strategy.
  • Oversee, train, and support the introduction of technologies, products, and services until they can be handled locally.
  • Provide support to ensure successful application of technology developments to the market on a Global basis and develop Weatherford operating parameters for “best practices,” and “standardized operating procedures.”
  • Maintain and track job data for all product line.
  • Respond to technical inquiries
  • Facilitate communications required to assist in problem resolution and avoidance
•    5+ years field experience
•    Excellent supervisory and organization skills
•    Previous Field and Training experience with packers preferred
•    Ability to work in a team environment
•    Ability to work on your own in remote locations
•    Willingness to travel including international locations
•    Good working knowledge of downhole hydraulics
•    Complex problem solving and analytical skills required
•    General computer skills
•    Strong presentation and interpersonal skills
•    Knowledge of inflatable packer operation
•    Familiarity with electric wireline operations
•    5+ years experience running packer in the field
•    The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations