Senior Software Engineer GIS / Geospatial (9212012 19792) Houston, Texas

Our client is one of the largest oilfield services companies and operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. With a product and service portfolio that spans the life cycle of a well— drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention— and a robust research and development effort, we are well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

This position can be based out of Houston, TX or Golden, CO.

Job scope
This position will be primarily responsible for design and implementation of geospatial enhancements (gis mapping, 3d subsurface visualization) to our software product. The sr. Engineer will fluently utilize design documentation and design reviews within an agile framework to create beautiful and efficient "shippable" code and will use unit and regression testing to assure the code is stable and reliable. This individual will be self-motivated, independent, and will work within an accomplished and dynamic team of software developers to produce exceptionally usable, high quality, and well-documented software.

Duties & responsibilities (not listed in any particular order)
· Create complete functionality from design all the way to code/product in conjunction with product management and small team of colleague software engineers and architects.
· Improve and create new 2d geospatial mapping functionality with industry standard proprietary or open source mapping apis and tools.
· Create subsurface 3d visualization functionality to render well-bore and other subsurface geospatial data with simple, accessible and intuitive user interfaces.
· Help design repeatable testing strategies for software functions.
· Help design and maintain software end-user documentation.
· Help design and implement xml schemes to enhance software capability in areas such as workflow definition, report formatting, etc.
· Contribute to automated testing and deployment strategies using batch files, perl scripts, etc.
· Add scripting capability to existing software by creating or contributing to a python api.

Skills & knowledge
· Must be independent, hard-working, open-minded, and detail-oriented self-starter.
· 2d geospatial mapping - extensive gis knowledge and programming experience with third-part components or tools such as arcgis, opengis, or comparable mainstream open source toolkits, web-based mapping apis and tools such as google earth.
· 3d geospatial visualization - 3d visualization knowledge and development experience with opengl, vsg, and/or other related products.
· Extensive knowledge of geospatial coordinate systems, coordinate transformations, and geospatial data storage mechanisms.
· C# development, windows forms or wpf
· Experience with source control and bug-tracking systems.

· Capable of producing end-user documentation
· Understand and be able to implement various testing strategies including unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, etc.
· Familiarity and comfort with agile software development methodologies
· Batch/perl languages for automating builds and testing
· Experience with log-data rendering (well logs) conventions and software toolkits such as int carnac.
· Html5 and/or javascript
· Experience in the oil and gas industry
· Script api development (python)
· Xml, design, creation and use of schema and read/write of data from within winforms/wpf applications

Minimum qualifications
· Requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer and electrical engineering (or a scientific or engineering discipline with commensurate direct software development experience)
· 4 years experience in software development

· Advanced degree and/or independent research in gis or related field.
· Background in oil and gas geospatial software
· Experience creating commercial software products

Any special requirements: the physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations.