Systems Access Administrator (1001- Sys Access Adm) Taylor, Texas

Salary: USD30 - USD40 per hour

Job Title: Identity and Access Management Administrator
Long-term contract (1+ years) opportunity for a Systems Administrator to monitor the Employee Access process and systems.  You will be responsible for ensuring users have the access they need to perform their job duties.


  • High level of attention to detail and a sense of urgency to prioritize customer access needs and escalates issues as necessary to deliver expected results
  • Can identify and diagnose technical problems and then, perform restorative and maintenance actions to deliver services and maintain continuity of access at expected levels.
  • Assists with Role Recertification efforts.
  • Ensures compliance with job change and termination access modification or removal.
  • Acts as a training resource and point of contact to any personnel that utilizes the Employee Access process.

Knowledge of or experience with role based access management