NOC Technician (1001- NOC Tech) Austin, Texas

Salary: USD15 - USD20 per hour

NOC is our tier 1 server/network team. The primary role is to receive the alerts from our monitoring tools, have a knowledge base of what to do and then escalate to the server, network, and application teams. You will acquire, install, modify and support various Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems, databases, utilities, system tools and the hardware on which they reside.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Conducts systems programming and systems support activities, such as new or revised program language codes, processing routines and report generators.
2. Monitors effective language codes, processing routines, hardware use and use of database management techniques.
3. Modifies, maintains and updates software, such as compilers, link editors, assemblers, OEM utilities, macros, scripts and scripts and subroutines. This is performed through a practice of Change Management, Configuration Management and Release Management.
4. Develops and reviews operator and control instructions.
5. Prepares and conducts system and programming test requiring interfacing of hardware and software.
6. Conducts programming task including program design, program coding, debugging and documentation.
7. As directed, prepares feasibility studies and designs tests to determine operating characteristics of software.
8. Designs and implements hardware and software solutions into the managed environments to meet customer needs.
9. Performs routine monitoring, administration, repair and maintenance of the products within the managed environments.
10. Responsible for maintaining Service Delivery to meet customer Service Level requirements. This includes Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, data security and recovery, and Production level policies and procedures.
11. Responsible for capacity management, expansion and growth planning.
• Requires good oral and written communication skills to work effectively with others inside and outside departmental boundaries, at remote locations and/or outside the company.
• Requires proficiency with PC software applications, E-Mail and job associated applications/systems to expediently process work.
• Requires good organization skills to produce quality work, within required specifications, to meet tight schedules.
• Job requires initiative and ability to influence events, rather than passively accepting them, in order to achieve goals. This means being proactive and a self-starter and going beyond specific job responsibilities to ensure goals are achieved or exceeded.
• Job requires technical knowledge of appropriate hardware and software to support the systems that meets the business requirements. Various Microsoft Win2000/2003/2008, Active Directory and Unix basics.