Sr. Technical Writer - HW1490 (BBBH363) East Palo Alto, California

Salary: Market Rates

We are focused on accelerating the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. Together with the Apache community, we are making Hadoop more robust and easier to use for enterprises and more open and extensible for solution providers. We also provide expert support and training.

Senior technical writers are responsible for the delivery of highly technical product documentation to our customers. This role requires initiative, drive, and a willingness to explore new tools and approaches to rapidly adapt to customer needs. The senior technical writer will have the ability to quickly master complex technical concepts to provide the necessary supporting documentation. The right candidate will be able to work onsite alongside the Palo Alto-based development team.


  • Develop documentation around the use of Hadoop distributions and various open-source big data management applications.
  • Work with Development, Quality, and Support to provide useful tips and tutorials.
  • Produce conceptual material to explain highly technical concepts quickly and effectively to data scientists and system administrators.
  • Modify and maintain XML templates to provide a professional look and feel.
  • Other duties, as assigned


  • Bachelors Degree in Math, Science, Computer Science or Technical Writing
  • 7+ years technical writing in a relational database software environment.
  • Strong, clear, and concise writing style.
  • A track record of successfully working with cross-functional teams to deliver quality documentation.
  • Experience with XML and structured authoring in general.
  • Ability to test code samples and produces useful feedback on the user experience.
  • Experience writing in an agile environment.
  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.


  • Experience writing for Business Analytics software.
  • Experience with Hadoop and SQL.
  • Knowledge of DocBook and Maven.
  • Working knowledge of Git and Github.
  • Experience with CSS and XSLT.
  • Experience managing or contributing to an open-source documentation project.
  • Familiarity with applications in the Hadoop Ecosystem (Pig, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume, Zookeeper).

About Our Company

We are a leading commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop, the preeminent open source platform for storing, managing and analyzing big data. Our distribution, Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop, provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy big data solutions. We are the trusted source for information on Hadoop, and together with the Apache community, we are making Hadoop more robust and easier to install, manage and use. Our Company provides unmatched technical support, training and certification programs for enterprises, systems integrators, and technology vendors.