Project Analyst Intern, Quantitative Insight (886) Atlanta, Georgia

JOB TITLE Project Analyst Interns, Quantitative Insight

LOCATION Los Angeles, CA & Atlanta, GA

OVERVIEW OF ROLE This is an excellent training opportunity to learn the basics of market research. Top performing interns are considered for available research analyst positions upon successful completion of the internship. The position generally reports to one person, but the intern may join other teams as needed on a project specific basis and will interface with all levels of the company. Internships are full time and typically last 3-4 months. An hourly rate is paid, but there is no paid-time-off or health benefits. The Atlanta intern will be imbedded within a major client office.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Work closely with senior team members on multiple consumer research studies across a variety of industries and clients
Assist with project set-up and coordination
Help team proof and analyze high-level data on a variety of subjects
Help prepare informal and formal client reports and presentation materials

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR Ideal candidates will be energetic and passionate about their work, approaching it with a keen attention to detail and an open mind for creativity. They will delight in data and understand hard numbers, but will be able to see the bigger story behind it all. They are flexible, creative, hard-working, and willing to contribute their ideas and opinions.

Skills: Candidate must have interest in advertising and marketing and must have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Excel, and yes, PowerPoint. Must be very detail-oriented, a self-starter, fast learner, creative, enthusiastic and conscientious. And he/she must have excellent organizational and writing/logic skills. Qualifications: You should have a bachelor’s degree, if in anthropology, marketing, economics, communications, sociology, psychology, marketing or business, that’s a plus. Some experience in consumer research, in school or in the workplace, is also good.

WHAT WE OFFER Interns are exposed to all areas of the business and all levels of work. They are immersed from the very beginning, and are given a number of opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute. Our office is an open, fun, and creative environment. Our employees are passionate about what they do, and have strong relationships with each other. Your fit within our team is important – we look for individuals who are not just focused and on top of their work, but are spirited, fun, expressive, and able to think differently and creatively.