Vice President, Qualitative Insight (581) New York, New York

OVERVIEW OF ROLE   A ‘master’ in Qualitative skills, a Vice President at Added Value will combine overall client relationship skills with the ability to genuinely see the bigger picture, presenting a point of view on Qualitative approaches and methodologies and discussing this within broader issues with clients.   Qualitative research at Added Value typically helps us solve the following client challenges: as input into a broader quantitative Market Mapping Segmentation, Brand Equity, Innovation and other Qualitative ad hoc projects. Although not needing to be a full practitioner in other areas, this role would also require the ability to understand and explain the full range of AV consulting approaches from quantitative insight to brand strategy to clients. We particularly value the ability to work or sell across from Qualitative work to brand conclusions.  

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES   Client Development and Ownership It is expected that the person in this role will head up a number of key insight driven clients, developing the relationships and overseeing a range of projects.   It is also likely that there will be other Qualitative driven projects that will need senior direction from this person within other existing client relationships. As part of this they will also need to manage and develop the project team.   This role will have the responsibility to ensure all client business is carried out efficiently, ensuring agreed profit targets are hit, and helping to identify opportunities to improve overall profitability of Qualitative work for the agency. In addition it is expected that the person in this role will work as necessary across the WPP / Kantar network for advantageous connections with other client leaders or operating companies for the purposes of business development and learning   Qualitative Offer Development Direction This role will be ultimately responsible for the development and positioning of the Added Value New York Qualitative offer. In addition they will work with senior leadership throughout North America to create a point of view and program for developing innovation on core and new AV Qualitative approaches and methodologies.   Qualitative Team Development and Coaching/Mentoring The person in this role will be responsible for developing and coaching the Qualitative team, especially in functional skills. They will need to identify the skills development needed and will assist in optimizing the team shape and resource volume to help the agency meet ongoing needs. They are also expected and take any recruitment decisions for any potential agency recruit up to Senior Project Manager level.    

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR   A highly creative conceptual thinker with a passion for delivering engaging and cutting edge solutions as part of a close and highly experienced team who love a challenge.   Creative selling skills: Able to respond with creativity to complex client briefs and develop an appropriate and inspiring written proposal   Rich experience: with 10+yrs experience ideally agency side, showing a solid understanding and expertise in a broad range of Qualitative methodologies and analytical frameworks, including application of semiotics, NLP, Archetypes and Neuroscience       Commercial Acumen: Demonstrate a solid commercial business vision in order to become real business partners with clients   Strategic Orientation: Can apply a broad knowledge base to provoke client thinking beyond narrow brand/category parameters   Client Organization Savvy: Can navigate confidently across marketing and insight functions in large client organizations   Senior Client Handling Skills - Able to create any written presentation related to owned projects, delivering additional gravitas to more hierarchical/tricky client situations   Fascination for people: an irresistible desire to understand people’s motivations, desires, hopes, fears and dreams   A compulsive deep diver: naturally nosy, with a love for going beyond the obvious and the mental agility to look for the best solutions from multiple perspectives   Brand fanatic: with a real passion for and understanding of the role brand’s play in people’s lives and the ability to translate this into action   Clear communicator: confidence to deliver findings in an engaging and impactful way so that these are immediately actionable and will live on in client’s organization for a long time to come   Strong team spirit: thrives on working as part of an enthusiastic and energetic team, inspiring others and keen to learn new skills from other disciplines to drive thinking further   Intrepid outlook: have sought to broaden their horizons via work, social or personal exploits, showing true grit and a desire to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Languages would be an additional asset, although not compulsory   Active in the wider marketing world: well connected to latest thinking in the research and marketing worlds and always seeking inspiration from other knowledge sources      

WHAT WE OFFER   Leading light: the opportunity to work for one of the leading marketing insight and brand consultancies in the world, with all the benefits of being part of an extensive international network and the WPP group.   Inspiring people: all our people have exceptional and diverse backgrounds, research and brand experience so there is a wealth of wisdom to learn from as well as the opportunity to inspire others   Generous package: you can enjoy extensive benefits such as Private healthcare, Mind & Body allowance and Sabbaticals to name but a few   Mentor mentality: we operate a buddy-system, where everyone is appointed a mentor to ensure they are well nurtured and able to perform to the highest standards   Training: tailored to individual’s needs to equip them with the skills and knowledge to drive their own development and push thinking further for our clients   License to play: a fun and social environment, where play and experimentation are strongly encouraged – anything that broadens horizons, builds team spirit and sparks inspiration is highly valued   Location, location, location: our spacious offices are located right next to Washington Square Park, which means you can fill your lungs with fresh air, be inspired by the beauty of the park, but are still connected to ‘what’s happening’