SQL DBA/DW/ETL (2230231) (BBBH512-2230231) Broomfield, Colorado

PostgresSQL Master-Slave replication a Must

Develops technical systems architecture for software applications, compliance monitoring and communication of overall project concepts and goals. Provides business and technical leadership and mentoring on projects from beginning to end with emphasis on initial design and creative problem resolution in a multi-disciplinary environment. Translates a client’s complex business requirements into innovative technology solutions that meet a client’s drivers and requirements

Essential Duties

  • Candidate will be responsible for the monitoring and uptime of all production databases
  • Lead efforts to develop and improve procedures for automated monitoring and proactive intervention, reducing any need downtime
  • Lead projects independently and work with other members of the team to ensure its success, included development, storage, and backup.
  • Learn and stay current with the features and functionality of PostgresSQL
  • Recognize and recommend new equipment to solve needs and to perform the necessary stress testing of the recommended equipment
  • Analyze, recommend, and implement configuration and hardware changes in conjunction with other support teams.
  • Plan, manage, and execute projects
  • Backup, recover, replication, resource monitoring
  • Participate in a 24×7 support rotation
  • Support complex web-based applications
  • Regularly interact with non-technical resources
  • Perform other duties as assigned

    Distinguishing Characteristics:
  • Experience supporting large numbers of users in multiple locations
  • PostgresSQL or other ‘real’ database experience a must
  • Experience with MS SQL, SAS, ETL or ETL Tools
  • Oracle, MS-SQL and 3Par SAN experience
  • Experience with high availability environments with large data volumes at multiple locations
  • Experience with Linux or flavors of UNIX from perspective of system administration in production environment

    Education and Experience
    * Experience: 7+ yrs
    * Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
    * Field Of Study: InformationTechnology
    * A combination of education and experience is acceptable: Yes
    * Attention to detail with good organizational capabilities.
    * Ability to prioritize with good time management skills.

    Knowledge, Skills or Abilities
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Must be able to help develop PostgresSQL from “green field” to Production Standards with all operational steps, Dev, Test, Prod, Backups, Monitoring, Performance, Failover, Training and Mentoring.
  • 5-7 years of professional DBA work experience with Oracle or MS-SQL, with a minimum 2-3 year professional experience deeply focused on PostgresSQL
  • Must be able to work in both PostgresSQL and Oracle or MS SQL
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL a must
  • Scripting in languages such as bash, Perl, Ruby
  • Capable of writing and debugging UNIX shell scripts
  • Knowledge of ‘pgpool-II’ and ‘streaming replication’
  • Comfortable with the UNIX command line
  • Experience with PostgresSQL Master-Slave replication a Must
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must demonstrate a keen interest in techniques and technologies such as database performance, monitoring, and enhancement, SQL-optimization, data store architecture & design, big data challenges and the relevant optimizations, high-availability and the reliability of large systems, fault-tolerance, and efficiency (code & systems), to name a few.