Microsoft Active Directory Engineer (3111) Dallas, Texas

Buchanan Technologies is seeking a Microsoft System Engineerfor a client in South Dallas. This individual willdesign and implement the upgrade of the existing Microsoft forest and domain from Microsoft Server 2008 to Microsoft 2008 R2 and/or Microsoft Server 2012.

-Document the processes and procedures relating Microsoft Windows environment and various supporting applications.
-Detailed weekly time reporting.
 -Complete all tasks identified by IT-I OSET LAN.

c. Required / Desired Skill Sets:

-Comprehensive experience with Microsoft 2008 and 2008 R2 Active Directory architecture design, implementation, maintenance and support for a large scale environment.
-Comprehensive experience designing, implementing, maintaining and supporting Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 environment with DNS, DHCP, Group Policies, Global Catalog, and replication between sites.
-Must have extensive experience with TCP/IP addressing, subneting, VLANs, routing, TCP and UDP, and firewall rules
-Must be have experience with PowerShell scripting.
-Must have experience upgrading Active Directory from 2008 to 2008 R2
-Familiar with Sphere 4 and 5 implementation, administration, maintenance, and support of VMware ESX and vCenter in large scale environment.
-Familiar applying vCenter, ESX, and Windows patches/upgrades.
-Familiar with Management of vCenter ESX clusters, including DRS and HA configurations.
 -Familiar with vCenter networking concepts including trunking, VLANs.
- Familiar with Vmotion, Service Console, iSCSI, and vCenter vDS.
- Must have knowledge of Cisco UCS and/or Dell blade server implementation, administration, maintenance, and support.
- Comprehensive storage configuration experience for iSCSI and SAN storage, including boot from SAN, VMFS volumes, and RDM.
- Familiar hot to create, deploy, and maintain vCenter VM templates.
 -Must be able plan, coordinate, and communicate with internal and external IT-I customers.

 -Familiar with EMC PowerPath
 -Familiar with backing up a VMware environment.
 -Familiar with Novell SuSe Linux.
 -Familiar with Cisco networking euqipment