Cell Manager (PCK336-41155) Florence, Kentucky

This position reports to the Director of the UP and is responsible for managing all packaging activities of the assigned cell in compliance with L’Oréal standards. This position will be mostly 2nd and 3rd shift through 2014. The Cell Manager position will change over time in the next year. Candidates must be willing to work off-shifts regularly from July through 2nd quarter 2014. As long as the candidate is flexible enough to work off-shift for extended periods of time, we are open to working with them to establish rotations within the team.  Long term, the role will be mainly during normal business hours (7a-6p).

1.Create an Actively Engaged Team that achieves Extraordinary Results:
a.Respectfully, through words and actions, leads a team of machine operators, mechanics and project engineers and encourages 100% employee engagement.
b.Continually assesses the performance indicators across the balanced scorecard of the department and relentlessly develops actions to improve on the basis of those indicators (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, Environment)
c.Develop and implement programs that train staff and packaging work force in methods and procedures that maximize the efficient operation and application of the means of production.
d.Direct problem solving activities that resolve intra-department or inter-department production related issues.
e.Facilitate and effective employee/labor relations environment within the production unit.
f.Maintain an appropriate records and complete necessary reports in a timely manner.
g.Cell Leader is responsible for a 24/7 operation. Must be willing to adjust schedule to cover shifts as needed.
Balanced Scorecard Responsibilities:
a.Fully Supports an interdependent safety culture and works proactively to accomplish the safety mission in the plant of zero accidents.
b.Follow all OSHA guidelines and improve safety of the department through proactive actions (Safety Improvement Opportunities.)
c.Maintain a safe, clean work environmental programs.
a.Supports and embraces the Quality and Environmental missions of the Plant
b.Observe “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).
c.Implement L’Oreal USA quality assurance procedures and the requirements of ISO-9000.
a.Manage and direct all production activity to fully support attainment of the production plan by supervising the coordination of the short term fixed schedule and the long term production plan on an intra-department and inter-department basis.
b.Supervise and coordinate all packaging related activity in the support of new product launches and restage projects.
a.Follow financial rules for metrics.
b.Improve and sustain key cost indicators: un-productive time, labor variance, overall equipment effectiveness.
c.Design, develop, recommend, and implement improved work procedures that enhance manufacturing efficiency.
d.Design, implement, or recommend capital equipment improvements that enhance the capacity, efficiency, and productivity of the means of production.
e.Develop labor standards for new product launches and work with technical team to assess feasibility and necessity for capital investments.
a.Role model coaching to the team with productive and well-timed feedback and support.
b.Manage and implement all L’Oreal USA policies and practices including, but not limited to, the Corporation’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, etc.
a.Implement L’Oreal USA quality assurance procedures and the requirements of ISO-14000.
b.Drive the team to make progress and sustain progress in the areas of reducing bulk, component, and finished good waste, energy consumption, and water consumption.
a.Drive activities related to start-up of new Production Department as necessary:
b.Recruitment of leads, operators, mechanics, processors
c.Organization of new department
d.Technical transfer of equipment and troubleshooting during installation validations.


Education: Bachelor’s degree with major in technical field or Management required, Engineering degree preferred. MBA a plus.
Experience: Team player with strong leadership skills. 3 to 5 years’ experience in a manufacturing
Management role or like industry.
Skillset: Energetic and enthusiastic in implementing technical, organizational, cultural improvements. Must
have Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Microsoft Access a plus. Previous SAP, Apriso
experience a plus.
-Continually assesses the performance indicators of the cell and develops actions to improve on the basis of the
-Respectfully, through words and actions, leads a team of operators, mechanics and project engineers and encourages
100% employee engagement.
-Manage activities in the manufacturing plant on the basis of the production plan and readjusts according to unforeseen
-Identify and resolve problems that limit the cells ability to meet the production demands
-Support staff development to ensure that all cell personnel can conduct production operation efficiently.
-Consistently applies all policies
-Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.
-Candidates must be legally eligible to work in the USA on an ongoing permanent basis without requiring any assistance.

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