Senior Investigative Auditor (PCK333-214448) New York County, New York

Salary: Bonus

We are seeking a Senior Investigative Auditor to join American International Group, Inc. in New York, New York.

Responsibilities included:

- Investigate issues related to property casualty insurance processes – specifically, underwriting, risk aggregation, CAT modeling, pricing, claims reserving process, reinsurance, insurance statutory accounting, and GAAP financials.

- Utilize systems and tools related to internal audit, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) financial controls unit, and operational risk management, including Teammate, RITA, OpenPages, ACL software, Access, Visio, SAP FSCD, HP Quality Center, and other utilities, to collect, process, review, and identify potential areas for fraud concerns.

- Serve as an investigative resource on global multinational insurance policy underwriting, policy administration, policy life cycle, reinsurance lay-offs, premium billing and collection, and accounting to assess global fraud implications of these programs.

- Conduct and evaluate fraud risk assessments based on the Global Investigative Group’s guidelines and protocols for targeted planned audits and provide potential fraud scenarios and trends, based on research.

- Assess fraud implications of SOX, statutory accounting, Bermuda Monetary Authority, Office of Foreign Asset Control, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and data privacy requirements.

- Identify investigative concerns and assess credibility of allegations made.

- Develop a continuous monitoring program of operation, compliance, and financial data to identify patterns and discuss the fraud implications using intense data analytics.

- Assist senior management in annual top-down fraud risk assessment for all AIG entities worldwide.

- Participate in the evaluation and assessment of control design and operating effectiveness of control framework, including IT controls, as part of root cause analysis.

- Participate in presenting fraud awareness training to audit teams, senior business unit management, compliance units, and other parties.

Position Requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Auditing, Economics, Business Administration, or a related field of study plus three (3) years of experience in a related occupation with property casualty insurance auditing, including underwriting, policy administration, reinsurance lay-offs, premium billing and collection, claims reserving process, multinational insurance programs, and insurance policy life cycles; insurance statutory accounting; Access; Visio, OpenPages, Teammate, ACL, SAP FSCD, and HP Quality Center.

- Certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) is also required.

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