Tour Desk Receptionist (AACE587B6B) Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

The tour desk receptionist is responsible for welcoming tours to the sales center, then qualifying and assigning them to a sales representative. This position is the first employee the guest comes into contact with when coming to a sales presentation. This position works very closely with the site Project Director, Marketing Manager, and our tour vendors.
The Tour Desk Receptionist:

  • Greets the guests, establishes rapport quickly and effectively, and checks ID and method of payment (e.g. credit card, debit card, checkbook).
  • Verifies that the guest is on the tour manifest or in SPI.
  • Has guests fill out guest registration form, then verifies that they are qualified to tour, based on the qualifications provided.
  • If a guest is not qualified, fills out the Not Qualified (NQ) form, explains to guest why they are not qualified, and has them sign the form.
  • Sends NQ forms to email address provided and to the vendor that provided the tour.
  • Records guest information on the Sales Planner (Guest Profile).
  • Enters guest information, market source and gift information into SPI and starts the tour in the system.
  • Prepares the sales line rotation using the report supplied by site Project Director.
  • Assigns tours to a sales representative, then provides the Director of Sales or Project Director with the sales planner. 
  • Verifies tour count by comparing the SPI system to guest registration forms.
  • Must be able to defuse irate guests checking in for the sales presentation.

The tour desk receptionist may also:

  • Be responsible for assuring coverage of day care, determined by sales center where employed.
  • Perform other duties as needed to ensure the smooth operation of the tour reception dept.


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