Inventory Coordinator (76TL) Chicago, Illinois


The Inventory Coordinator interfaces with Translogix management, trucking company agents, Ford plant representatives to ensure that each vehicle meets customer standards before it is shipped by truck or rail and ensures the correct vehicles are shipped to the correct destinations.


Essential Duties

·         Daily coordinate the movement of special vehicles, such as “hot vehicles” or damaged vehicles, between the manufacturing plant and storage, rail, and truck-away yards

·         Daily complete physical vehicle inventory of trucking yards by checking each vehicle’s VIN against daily inventory sheet.

·         On a daily basis, respond to trucker’s report of damaged vehicles,

·         On a daily basis, use TLX forms to document damaged vehicles

·         Pick up shipped truck paperwork from plant for processing by TLX staff. 

·         Through tact and diplomacy, arrange for no-cost repair of damaged vehicles by Ford representatives.

·         Daily, give Ford personnel a list of all plant units in yard

·         Update system with vehicles leaving or arriving at facility as ordered by AutoComm.

·         Facilitate plant returns when the plant requests that one or more vehicles be returned to plant for a re-work. Complete all appropriate paperwork for vehicle to return to plant. Ensure security guards are aware of the returning vehicle so they will open the gate.  Enter return to plant in inventory system and change location once plant has acknowledged receipt of vehicle.

·         Inform Ford of damaged units that need to return to plant for repair or units that will be returned to TLX from plant after repairs are completed.

·         While conducting yard inventory, identify miss-parked vehicles and change location in inventory system.

·         As needed, arrange for Ford shipment of special truck units such as vehicles being towed out of facility for repair or show vehicles going to special events.  Ensure “TLX Release Form” is completed and that appropriate personnel have copies of the form.

·         As needed, assist truckers with learning yard layout, finding lost vehicles, bringing gas to vehicles with empty gas tanks, jumping dead batteries, and unlocking vehicles

·         Adhere to safety procedures

·         Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.

·         May perform other duties from time to time at the direction of the Terminal Manager or Operations Manager

·         React to change productively

·         Any duties as assigned

·         Conducts him or herself in a manner that maintains a positive work atmosphere through positive communication and professional and ethical behavior to build and maintain excellent working relationships with customers, vendors, co-workers, and management.

·         Good and regular attendance

·         Ability to work in a variety of situations

·         Able to work in a team environment

·         Able to recognize problems and identify solutions

·         Positive demeanor


General Description

Assists Terminal and Operations Managers with the day-to-day operations of the facility by serving as a liaison between TLX management and Ford Motor Company, trucking companies, and Norfolk Southern to get vehicles operational so they can leave TLX by rail or truck.


Minimum Tools Needed

·         Hand tools

·         Welding tools

·         Gas Canister

·         Battery Charger

·         Tire Iron

Working Conditions

·         Works outside in all types of weather

Chemicals Involved With

·         Solvents, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, coolant


Minimum Requirements

·         High School Diploma or equivalent is preferred

·         Valid Drivers License

·         Knowledge of auto mechanics.

·         Good communication skills, both written and oral.

·         Excellent computer skills

·         Ability to problem solve and seek solutions

·         Good working knowledge of the facility operations.

·         Good Driving Record

·         Ability to drive manual and automatic transmission

·         Ability to pass Safe Driving Quiz with 80% accuracy or better

·         Ability to work in a team environment